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What is Past Life Regression

What was I in past life?

Why do I hate/love him or her?

Why do the same situations or people come in my life repeatedly?

If these and more such questions rake your mind, past life regression therapy is for you. It is a therapy not for your physical being, but for your real being – your soul.

Just like a doctor heals physical injuries, past life regression therapy heals injuries of the soul. It helps live life better...so that you can understand why things are happening in your life. This alternative healing technique is popular and has helped people understand the meaning of events taking place in their lives.

What it is?

First, please know that this is not voodoo or magic. This is your own soul's story. A soul can carry many stories. Your present life is one of them. At times, characters overlap. This is when you experience ups and downs and you don't know why. Your emotional being impacts your physical beings.

Everybody deserves a fulfilling life. Then why are most of us tangled in the web of emotions? A big chunk of the population carries injured souls inside bodies.

Stop asking “why is this happening to me?” Get the answer. Past life regression courses in Mumbai will help you.

Past life regression courses in Mumbai: What to Expect? 

You need no doctor's prescription, need no equipment. Just faith in your therapist and the healer within you – your mind.

The therapist puts you in a relaxation mode. You enter a trance-like state. He or she directs you towards a “staircase” that leads you to your past life.

People who had undergone the therapy report that they felt emotions clearly – they cried, laughed - physical pain, and witnessed the scene clearly like an OBE (Out Body Experience). Some reported that it was like they were dreaming, but this time, they could feel everything.

You can also get past life regression training at the workshop. Here is your chance to be a therapist!

How do you feel after a session?

PLR may not always give you a precise answer to the “why's” of your life, but it helps you understand and find a connection between things happening in your life. After the session, you feel more mature to deal with estranged relationships. The therapy helps in anger management. It can even help you forgive somebody who hurt you.

People who do not believe in incarnations and past lives, rebirth, and impact of emotions on the body must definitely try past life regression. You will realize how wrong you were!

For example, there was a man who had a phobia of water. He couldn't swim or even go near the water. He was even unable to soak in a bathtub! A PLR session revealed that he had died in one of his earlier lives by drowning. The trauma of drowning was imprinted in his soul. It was carried in his present life and manifested as fear of water.

Past life regression therapy helps you find the “human” inside you.

So, if you know somebody who is in pain – physical or emotional – help them through past life regression workshops. Give your life a new dimension. Change your life's outlook.

You can also learn this alternative healing therapy. Past life regression classes in Mumbai are available near you. Become a certified healer Get certificates (wherever applicable) for participation in workshops.

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