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What is Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing Training And Classes

Reiki healing is a form of alternative healing therapy. It is based on the universal energy that flows through the human body. Reiki healing training and classes help a person grow mentally, physically and spiritually. Reiki originated in Japan during the 20th century. It was founded by Mike Usui. His teachings were based on practices related to healing and techniques of meditation. There are multiple Reiki healing training and classes that are organized all over the country.

Effective Reiki Healing Techniques

There are three levels involved in Reiki. Namely Shoden, Okuden, and Shinpiden. Shoden is the first level in Reiki. This is what you call the beginner level in Reiki healing. In this level, you learn about the history and origins of Reiki, how to heal yourself through Reiki, how to give Reiki healing to other people. Finally, you are initiated to the Reiki energy.

In okuden which is the second level of Reiki you get to learn about distant Reiki techniques, you also get to know about the first three symbols of Reiki. You are even more attuned to Reiki energy. After completing this level one can be called a Reiki practitioner.

Shinpiden is the third and final master level of Reiki. In this level, you learn about the master Reiki symbols. You also get the master reiki attunement. You also get to know about how to give attunement to others.

Effective Reiki healing techniques are used to give people the best possible Reiki training. It is because of these effective Reiki healing techniques that there has been a change in the lives of so many people across the world.

Modern Online Reiki Classes

With the evolution of technology, the ways of teaching have also evolved. Experts have come up with modern online Reiki classes. It is not mandatory for you to physically visit a healer or a therapist to learn Reiki.

You can now learn Reiki while simply sitting at home. There are many healer experts who conduct online Reiki healing classes. It is because of these modern online Reiki classes that the reach of these reiki healers has increased by many folds.

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