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The Numerology Course has been designed with the beginner in mind, covering everything from what Numerology is, to how to apply the study to benefit your own life and the lives of others.

Numerology is the study of the meanings of numbers and their relevance to our lives. It is used to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and to identify how you deal with relationships. It can show your strengths and weaknesses, obstacles you need to overcome, your talents, inner needs, and emotional reactions. Some numerologists use numbers to determine the best time for major events.

This thought-provoking course will take you step-by-step through this study so that by the end of the course you will understand how certain numbers will relate to you, what they mean, and how this information can be used in your life. This includes the meaning of your birthday number, how to calculate your destiny, personality, soul, and personal growth numbers, and how you can help others to do the same.


Basic Numerology - Level 1 (2 days / 16 hours)

Investment - Rs.12,000/-

  1. What is Numerology?
  2. Role of numbers in our life
  3. Psychic Number aka Driver Number
  4. Destiny number aka Life Path / Conductor Number
  5. KUA Number
  6. 8 types of Yogas in Numeroscope
  7. How to prepare Numeroscope
  8. Compatibility of numbers
  9. Psychic - Destiny number relationship
  10. Characteristics of Numbers 1 to 9

Advanced Numerology Course - Level 2 (2 days / 16 hours)

Investment - Rs.12,000/-

  1. Impact of repetitive numbers in DOB
  2. Impact of missing numbers in DOB
  3. How to fill the missing numbers (Remedy Part - 1)
  4. Role of Destiny Number
  5. Master Destiny Number
  6. Future trend
  7. Personal year trend
  8. Personal day trend
  9. Personal month trend
  10. Luck factor for Year, Month or a day
  11. Role of colors in Numerology
  12. Practice and research of prediction part

Professional Numerology - Level 3 (2 days / 16 hours)

Investment - Rs.12,000/-

  1. Role of Name spelling in life
  2. How to correct name spelling (Remedy Part 2)
  3. How to use corrected name spelling without changing in official documents
  4. How to detect profession according to DOB
  5. How to uplift the DOB (Remedy Part 3)
  6. Compatibility of Numeroscope of two or more people
  7. Big Arrow
  8. Small Arrow
  9. Prediction without Date of Birth (Prashan Lagna)
  10. Business Card According to Numerology (Remedy Part - 4)
  11. Love marriage and arranged marriage
  12. Relationship sector
  13. Karmic Numbers
  14. How to read a Numeroscope professionally And much more...

ONLY till 27-May-2020, we are offering this course for INR 12,000/- only

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Sushant Shhah is a Mumbai-based spiritual practitioner. He has always been extremely passionate about using his gifts to spread positivity and happiness among people.


  • Online, Zooom


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