Yoga of the cells

By Bhaga

April 2004

Human evolution is not only of the spirit, according to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother; it integrates all levels, including the physical. For the last two decades of her life, the Mother experimented with her own body cells to manifest a new consciousness in and through them

Groups of cells in the Mother’s body had not only awakened but were starting, independent of her, their own yoga

Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s best known and most read books do not give the full measure of what their evolutive work for the earth has been. Apart from both the intellectually challenging as well as the down-to-earth modes of communicaton employed by them, there is an immensely vast and deep work both these pioneers of conscious evolution quietly accomplished for decades, secretly preparing in their own being the divine future of humanity right here upon earth.

What is truly important about Sri Aurobindo and the Mother isn’t really any ashram or future township, however great those might be. If those are to any extent successful, it is thanks to the decisive evolutive victories their founders had won for the earth, which are still mostly unknown and unspoken of. Their books by themselves are extremely helpful, but they aren’t the most important things either. They could as well not have written a single line about anything, nor spoken a word to anyone about the evolutive changes that were taking place in them, and still, their true contribution to the earth’s evolution would have happened just the same. That is the only important fact.

Supramental seed
To grasp the magnitude of what Sri Aurobindo and the Mother accomplished, one must first understand that for a true ‘Life Divine’ upon earth to become realised in its completeness, not only our thoughts and emotions have to be gradually replaced by their divine equivalent, but our body too must undergo the same kind of transformation.

Only the Power (that is, the Consciousness), which is beyond the Mind, can effect such a transformation of a first body, in the way it must be effected, if it is to have the needed influence on other bodies. The transformative action must be effected by awakening the usually obscure consciousnesses of individual body cells.

Only the ‘supramental’ consciousness-force, as Sri Aurobindo and the Mother called it, is able to do that in the required way, by awakening in matter, including in the biological matter of our body cells, the same supramental power which as a ‘seed’ has been lying dormant since the beginning of evolution.

In previous stages of evolution, it had been first the ‘seed’ of the life power, and then that of the mind power, which had awakened one after the other in their respective ‘season’. The former
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Anji Reddy

A different view from inside about the world. Insistence on removal of habitual living requires/insists the presence of The Mother to make this world a better place for sadhaks

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Every thing in this world has its time, accidents are just an excuse. Thanks for bookmarking the site.

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Y V Chawla

Wait for tommorrow will never end. Mind is under the illusion that efforts will take him to a satisfactory state. When it dawns that such a state does not exist, mind is taken over by stillness. Now actions emanate from this stillness. They have nothing to achieve through time. Mind is fed by comfort, solace, hope. When it sees that comfort, solace, hope are not able to assuage the disturbance, suddenly, the short circuit in the momentum of thought shuts the supply of comfort, hope, solace. Mind rejects with all its force as its sustenance is coming to an end. It is shocked. This shock causes the death of the present mind and hails a new mind. Rejecting the phrases, ‘tomorrow we will be happy, tomorrow will be alright’ is the gathering of the whole energy. This rejection is not the action of the will. This rejection and concentration of the whole energy is simultaneous. It does not have cause and effect relationship. The human mind is programmed. This understanding (as actuality) ends the whole game. Y V Chawla

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