The Zenith of meditation

July 2014

Z Meditation is a cathartic step towards disentangling the deep-seated chaos, confusion and attachment in the human mind. It is a way of living life to the fullest. Founded by Ajay Kapoor and his wife Suruchi Dayal, this meditation involves systematic inquiry into the conditionings that are hidden in the unconscious regions of your mind. Releasing those painful notions, you realise how you can live your life moment to moment with great peace and love. You can learn this pristine art by joining a 10-day silent retreat in India.


In the Z Meditation Spiritual Retreats, the technique used is rational and analytical. You learn to detach from your mind’s patterns and systematically do away with the roots of turbulence, using deep inquiry. You employ powerful mantras to get established in your pristine glory. The silence helps a lot in deep contemplation and integration. The retreat provides the sublime experience of reaching a state of unconditioned peace, love and freedom. Ensconced in the lap of the Himalayas, the serene environs of Dharamsala add to this holistic experience.

The retreat comprises three levels of Z meditation out of which level one and two are held together every month for 10 days. The third-level meditation retreat is held twice a year for five days. The first level of  meditation involves deep de-conditioning inquiry where participants discover their deep-seated belief systems and their impact on themselves. The second level of meditation involves the recital of radiant mantras –  powerful words that enable the participant to reach a state of pure bliss. The most significant aspect of these recitals is that they are recited in Hindi, lingua franca of the masses, which enables people to understand the meaning of the chants. The pre-requisite for attending level three of Z meditation is attending levels one and two. In the last level, the last two conditionings of the mind are rooted out. Here, the participants learn to discover and experience ‘Self’ by removing restlessness of mind.

Another one of their programmes is called, A Day in Residential Retreat. It consists of meditation in various forms. There are sessions for creative meditation, meditative yoga and philosophy and practice of yoga. Thousands of people across the globe have benefitted from the silent residential Z meditation retreats.

The framework of Z meditation was a result of deep
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