Aura Healing | Benefits of Aura Healing

Aura Healing - It is Not you But your Energy That Does It

Just like the Earth has a magnetic field, every living being has an energy field. This is the aura. Some call it vibes. Aura tends to get "dirty" or diseased. This requires aura healing.

What is aura healing?

Imagine somebody walking into the room. How do you feel? It is this 'feeling' that aura creates. There are people who simply repel us and there are those who make us feel warm and comfortable...and this can happen without a conversation with the person.

Auras affect people around. They leave an impression on minds. Haven't you met people who carry a charisma? Whenever they enter a room energies shift. There is something in them that charms. That 'something' is aura...and in these people it is strong and clean.

When auras get contaminated, illnesses manifest. They could be physical or mental.

The other name of aura healing is spiritual healing. Experts also call it psychic healing or energy healing. This type of healing releases unwanted or stale energies and opens up blocked energy. As a result, energy flow throughout the body becomes balanced. This triggers natural healing in the body.

The best aura healing session focuses on your energy level instead of the physical level. It works on your chakras, energy channels, and more. Healers believe that once you restore the energy flow it is possible to alleviate or treat illnesses of all kinds.

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How it is done - a glimpse

Spiritual healing or aura healing is a great way to restore energy flow in the body. The therapy helps to release unwanted or stale energies so that there is room for positive energy to take its place.

Aura healing works from two perspectives:

  • The healer does not heal. He or she only triggers the natural healing process of the body. So, it is actually self-healing.
  • When you heal your spirit your spirit will heal your body.

The first step

The aura healer helps you become aware of your energy being. The modern lifestyle has made us become aloof of our real selves. That is the reason an increasing number of people need healing today.

The second step

The healer during an aura healing session studies your aura and detects the problem. He or she helps you detect negative, stale, or contaminated energies in your energy field. The healer helps you release them and allow the flow of positive energy. He or she helps you get rid of psychic debris for improving your emotional health and aura.

The third step

As your aura healing session advances, the healer helps to improve the flow of cosmic energy, earth energy, prana energy, and creative and healing energies through your body.

The fourth step

The healer then helps you release energy blockages and trigger energy flow through the 7 main energy centers or chakras of your body. Once your chakras are balanced you achieve overall health and vitality.

The fifth step

In case you are suffering from a health condition, the aura healer addresses the issue accordingly. Your aura healing session ends with the healer assisting you in redefining your aura boundary.

Do you know?

Aura healing session lets you heal yourselves. So, it is more up to you than the healer in terms of the results of the session. You need to have an open mind. If you don't want to heal, you will not.

For example, in case of emotional issues, if you won't let go of a grudge, the emotional pain will stay.

Distant aura healing is also possible. Energy is not restricted by space and time.

It is also possible to receive the benefits of aura healing through a phone. So, you can call your healer and expect a nice healing session for yourselves!

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