Candle Healing Energies | How candles and flames work

Candle Healing Energies

Candles have been in use since time  immemorial for various purposes ranging from religion, meditation, to healing. It has been the carrier of light and positive energy on a physical as well as spiritual level. Some people like to believe that the flame of the candle represents the light of our soul and our connection with the Higher Power. The candle healing energies work on maintaining our mind, body & soul, and creating a space of positive energy around us.

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Fire from the very beginning has been associated with magic mystery and religion. In almost all the cultures it was once owned by a God. Be it the Hindu mythology or the Greek, fire Gods are known to exist.


What is Candle Healing?

Candle healers believe that when practicing this ritual, we follow the age old ritual of fire that was been prevalent for many years. The candle is seen as the unlit essence of life enclosed in the physical embodiment that needs fire to renew the health and balance of the body and the soul. The lighting of the candle is seen as renewing the energies and creation of light in a place that was full of darkness, bringing warmth and happiness in the world.


Characteristics of the Candles

The shape and colour of the candles also have a major impact on the candle healing energies that it generates. The colour of the candle helps and directs as per the healing that is required. Once lit, the flame helps to maintain focus. The colours correspond to what areas and aspects of life need healing, protection or attention. For example, Red helps with passion, courage, strength. Oranges help with stimulation, adaptability, attraction, and friendship. Yellow stimulates the intellect and mind along with communication and so forth.

A lot of decorative shapes are not recommended by the candle healers, because the energies are then lost to some extent. But a person may use a candle in the shape of a butterfly or a heart in case it is very close to his/her heart. This is only because of the emotional connect and emotions have a very vehement role to play in candle healing.

Candle therapy can effectively be used for intention setting and achieving goals in any area of one’s life.
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