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What is Candle Healing

Do you want to get rid of negative energies in your life? 
Do you want to gain peace and inner calm?
Do you want to lead a healthy life? If the answer is “yes” to all the above questions, then you must undergo candle healing. 

Candles are like saviors in our life. They make our dark room bright and take away dark energies from our life. Candles can have an impact on our mental or emotional well being. Candles are the sign of hope, strength, optimism, and perseverance. They help us tackle tough times. 

Candles are used in different therapies such as meditation, chakra therapy, Reiki and much more. Candles help in generating a meditative state which is essential for all the holistic therapies. Candles create balance between your body, mind, and spirit. They help in removing all the negative energies that are blocking the person from growing. 

Candle color therapy enhances concentration, relaxes mind and body, and purifies the soul by removing all the blockages. Each color of a candle has its own therapeutic benefits: 

White: white symbolizes peace and calm. It is a sign of unity. It brings peace and helps you achieve inner calm.
Black: Black color helps you to get rid of all the negative energies that are damaging your mental state.
Red: Red represents love, energy, passion, vitality, and sexuality. 
Yellow: Yellow symbolizes happiness, joy, and clarity. Yellow activates the brain and helps you lead a happy life. 
Green: Green represents health and well being, It helps in purifying the heart chakra

There are many other colors such as blue, orange, pink, lavender, Indigo, silver and gold, brown, turquoise that balances all the chakras in your body and brings you closer to peace and enlightenment.

Candle healing is practiced in India. There are well-trained candle healers in India. Life Positive is glad to have collaborated with some of the best candle healers in India. You can consult or book an appointment with your preferred candle healer today from the list given above.  

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