About Ms. Poonam Sharma

Poonam heals with energy, faith, prowess, precognition, spirit, touch, and with compassion. She heals in all ways directed by God's light. She has studied, learnt, assimilated, mastered and created the most sacred energy healing modalities of the Vedas, the Orient and the Pacific and the Palaearctic. Ever since her childhood, Poonam was a gifted one. She was always engulfed in books on mysticism, faith healing, astrology, and was intrigued by the virtues of higher living and helping others. People were startled at the accuracy of her predictions. Unfortunately, she suffered a setback in life. Sufferings and trivial pursuits followed and deviated from her purpose. However, around fifteen years ago, she reconnected with her divine call to heal and help others. Like others, she tried to fight it, but it got stronger and stronger over time. The resistance was fuitle; Poonam finally accepted her fate and submitted to the divine energy. Poonam says- "I celebrate the love, the spirit and the unbound force in you! Remember, you are not here by accident or intrigue or even exploration. It’s a meeting scheduled in the divine scheme of things. You might think you view these words in your quest to heal your hurt but know that you are the healer, the master. You are a glorious, multi-faceted creation of HIS light. You may have lost yourself and might have forgotten your immense strength, but higher positive energy breaks these walls to unleash your joyous self. THE JOURNEY OF RECLAIMING YOUR POWER BEGINS NOW!" Through the course of her journey into oneness over the last ten years, Poonam has explored the deepest realms of meditation and mastered many healing techniques which have wholly transformed her life. Her Spiritual Journey has included many cycles of the clearing, forgiving, healing and releasing. She firmly believes and tells her clients and students that all healing starts with submitting yourself to love and compassion.


  • Past Life Regression 21000
  • Tarot Card Reading 7000
  • Aura Healing 5000
  • Emotional Freedom Technique 7000
  • Chakra Balancing 7000
  • Vastu 50000
  • Candle Healing 5000
  • Work Space and Home Energy Cleansing 50009
  • Reiki Healing 5000
  • Empowerment Programs 10000

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