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Vastu Science - Celestial relation with science

Vastu science in Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural scripture, which was written to organize the 3 basic necessities of our life: food, clothing, and shelter.

This is in accordance with the nature of our cosmos. However, most of the data from these scriptures are lost and whatever is available in the modern day is just fragments of the original.

It has a certain scientific significance.
For instance, in the past, people used to suggest, that we must not sleep with the head facing towards the north. However, even at that time, no scientific explanation was available to prove this fact. Therefore, such people became the object of ridicule and gradually these sciences faded away.

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What is Vastu? and What is the actual Vastu science?

Science has proved that the geomagnetic pull is dominant towards the north. Hence, people who sleep facing the north will have their blood running through their heads because of the attracting iron present in the blood. Moreover, this effect is infinitesimally small and virtually has no major effect. However, people who are sensitive to headaches and migraines will realize this effect much more than anyone else.

In India, superstitions related to Vastu tradition are more prevalent. Here, it's important to believe that the divine resides in all four directions. Moreover, no direction is either unlucky or insignificant.

However, no one should believe in them unless a scientific basis and reasons are provided to validate the genuineness of such beliefs. Hence, following Vastu science in Vastu Shastra without knowing it scientifically would yield nothing. Similarly, it's not ideal for anyone to spend their time and money on such practices if validations are absent. If people understand the actual essence of the Vastu science and tradition, then only it's possible to reap its benefits.

A story highlighting the importance of Scientific Vastu Science?

In a small village in South India, there was a family of five. Husband, wife and their 2 daughters. The fifth and the eldest member was the grandmother. In earlier days, the houses were built in such a way that everything went into their right places. For instance, metal items were outside the house, but away from moisture. Wooden furniture was far away from water pipelines and walls. Everything went on smoothly, but the husband wasn't able to earn enough money. Despite that fact, the family was quite happy.

Their solution:

They approached a fake and inexperienced Vastu consultant. He went on to point out a few flaws in the structure of the house and suggested major changes, including the location of the washroom. Without any scientific explanation, he wanted the washroom located behind the house. The husband readily shelled out a lot of money towards major renovations of the house and finally, the washroom was moved outside the house. This took about 6 months. However, following that, the money problem was still present.

Then one midnight...

Everyone was fast asleep, the poor grandmother had to use the washroom. There was no light present and she stepped out of the house. As she went near the washroom, she slipped and broke both her legs and had severe injuries. Later, the family had to spend a lot of money on her treatment, but unfortunately, she passed away.

This story highlights, how illogical and careless people can become due to their blind beliefs. Here in this example, the major and the most crucial problem was the lack of scientific approach before undertaking the major changes. The husband didn't imagine or even care about the effect of that structural renovation on his mother and the expenditure.

Despite this story, there are certain facts in Vastu that are indeed true. According to ancient Vastu, a kitchen should have windows on one or more walls. Now, here's the science; in a kitchen, the activities of cooking requires a high-temperature flame.

In the case of an untoward incident like fire, it should become convenient for a person to escape through either of the windows or for outsiders to pour water on the flames through both the windows. Here, the aspect does not concentrate on windows but actually focuses on the safety of the householders.

What qualities should you look at in a Vastu consultant?

  • Patience

    The Vastu consultant must display patience in listening to your problems.

  • Explanation

    He/she must offer a scientific validation to any of their recommendations. The client must be careful in this aspect and should cross-question the consultant unhesitatingly if needed.

  • Limited to minor changes

    The consultant should not suggest major structural renovations like breaking off the walls or digging the ceiling or floor. Only minor changes that are quick to perform are acceptable.

  • Affordable

    The consultant must not charge an exorbitant fee for his/her services. The Vastu tradition is to impart the right knowledge and not to make a business out of it. A Vastu consultant should ideally be a teacher and not a businessman. However, since everyone makes a living out of his profession, it's alright to charge a nominal but affordable fee from the client.

Follow the above guidelines and it will help you to meet your goals. Awareness about scientific Vastu science is the need of the hour. Moreover, people should give importance to scientific Vastu science only.

If you want to reap the benefits of scientific Vastu science, you have to fix a meeting with the preferred and famous Vastu consultant by visiting them today.