About Ms. Amrita Mann

Since a very young age, Amrita felt a strong inclination towards alternative healing. This led to an unending faith in healing provided a lot of answers to my ever inquisitive mind and about the mysterious ways the human body and life functions, especially when she started practising as a spiritual healer. While most people of my age read about romance and fiction, Amrita's interests were steered towards knowing more about Ayurveda, Acupressure, nutrition, past life regression, Angel therapy, body-mind connection (also through experience) and Soul studies including all related forms of healing. She aimed to find a one stop Shop for a healthy body and mind. Amrita started studying Pranic Healing soon after she made up her mind to follow spiritual field, and during the last four years and has not felt the need to delve into anything else. She decided to be an instrument of God for healing people with the cosmic energy which is available to all of us at all times. The same belief became the purpose of her life. She firmly believes that "It is the love of God that heals".


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