About Mr. Harish Mehta

“When you are accountable for your life and results blame is eliminated & you are free to GROW”

Harish, a certified Banker from the Indian Institute of Bankers, is now a Motivational Speaker and certified Business & Executive Coach, from Action COACH – the World’s No 1 Business Coaching Firm, a certified Law of Attraction Trainer, a licensed TLI from Tony Buzan – world’s no 1 Mind map Trainer, and now a certified John Maxwell coach, teacher, trainer and speaker; has over 36 years of experience in Public Sector, Private Sector and in Senior Management Roles.

Harish is an accomplished Banker, being one of the youngest Branch Heads to Lead a Metro-city branch of one of the largest public sector banks (1979-1998). During his 20 years in the Banking Sector he learnt great skills in managing people, understanding their abilities & helping them grow into responsible Business Heads, successfully managing and running Branches in the bank. During his illustrious career, he was also instrumental in introducing to the bank innovative products and instruments due to his extensive knowledge of the Financial Markets in Banking & Insurance.

He has been a leader throughout his career with an ability to deliver beyond expectations due to his leadership style, personality and extensive knowledge and was last leading the largest Branch of the Bank in Mumbai.

Harish has a Mastery of Managing People, by leading from the front and carrying his people along to grow in their personal and professional lives. He was responsible for setting up the Manufacturing (industrial) units for the largest lifestyle Retail Kids’ wear Brand in the country at Industrial towns of Daman (U.T.) & Baddi (H.P.) with over 3000 people. He has the skill to understand, develop, change & grow people in both leadership & other roles, and has been responsible for sustainable growth, fulfilling the vision and Goals of the Corporate.

His par-excellence leadership skills, coupled with the ability to effectively network, has earned him the repute of being one of the most sought after names in the field of ‘Training & Development’. He has taken on the role of a speaker, mentor, coach and trainer helping individuals, business leaders and organisations to achieve the ‘next level’ of success and sustaining the same in a dynamic business scenario.

Today, Harish Mehta is a motivational speaker mentored by the great Les Brown, certified business and executive coach from Action COACH International, USA and believes that ‘GROWTH’, thrives on a single point agenda – ACTION. He is also a certified Law of Attraction (LoA) trainer, trained by Michael Losier, the author of best-seller “Law of Attraction”, & the “How to” Guru. He has also trained under the well-known Tony Buzan as a ‘Think Buzan licensed instructor’, in MindMaps. Now he is also a certified John Maxwell Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker.


World Abundance through Business Re-Education


To be committed, positive and successful and always striving to be balanced, integral and honest.

To always work in “co-operation” with all those who believe they are in competition. This is the business of “Edutainment” – to educate ourselves, our clients and all those who we work with, while entertaining and creating a fun learning environment. Educating clients in world-class marketing and business development techniques using modern day technology.

Clients, whether small, medium or large, will have a desire to achieve their goals and be able to take on the commitment. 

Forward in thinking, willingness to learn and grow, and the will to work as a team player in the development of an organisation of “people.”

The client selection process is more on the attitude than the size and the will to deal with the Coach who offers the most practical, most applicable and fastest strategies on growth. 

Thus giving organisations and individuals the spirit and freedom to develop their businesses, reach their goals and achieve their dreams.


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