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Managing your relationship with your partner can be a real headache sometime.But, to have a healty relation you have not only have to take up the responsibility of your own life, but also to motivate your partner to do well.

You need to work on your professional front and even the emotional issues that crop up because your partner does not own up his/her share of responsibility. Plus, there’s the challenge of managing mood swings and unscathing attacks on your ego. As a result, managing relationship with partner turns out to be a huge challenge, where sometimes, you just want to run away. Fortunately, there’s a better way i.e Life Guidance.


Vaibhav Datar is a certified LIFE COACH and author to two books. The biggest turning points in his life had been his father's demise and that attracted him towards spirituality.His process includes experiential learning techniques combined with Graphology, Hypnosis aelationnd meditation.


He offers a free 45 minute consultation, give him a call today to get started. And, we'll also create a life book for your future, focusing on what you want from life and how to get it. And he will be your accountability coach to let you remain focused on what you wish to achieve. As a coach, he will be with you in your tough as well as happy times, identify and take you closer to your goals, look at the actions you need to take and make you more accountable towards your goals, be a patient listener and problem solver. Understanding and changing your mindsets, helps you create a modified set to attract new possibilities into your life. You will also drop energy draining activities and focus on energy gaining activities. Moreover, you will suddenly become aware of yourself, have a deeper understanding of life, career and relationships.


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