About Ms. Mini Kapoor

Mini's journey started in 1998 as counselling services and since then has come a long way, understanding the fact that the very foundation to have a life with the abundance of health and wealth. She realises that it is essential for anyone to beget all the dimensions of holistic development. Personal Development is a lifelong process, and this is what Mini speaks at The MK Institute. The establishment of her Institute is based balancing the person’s emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual part so that one just not develop himself/herself but can progress to being a better Individual and contribute to society with his/her potential and the virtues that they have learned. 
Mini's Institute works the following causes 

• Enabling people to live their life with full Potential 
• Creating blissful life with Divinity 
• Imparting Knowledge & Empowering for healthy Life 

The MK Institute, founded by Mini Kapoor, conducts training programs and workshops for students, individuals and corporate. Their programs are designed to bring physical, emotional, mental, psychological and social well-being. They use the power of the mind to change negative beliefs to positives to deliver permanent results. They have a firm belief in empowering people by introducing them to their resources, i.e., self-power and co-creation. Mini has trained and healed a large number of people with spectacular results.


  • Life Coaching 5000
  • Meditation 2950
  • Reiki Healing 2100/Session
  • 5000/Session
  • Theta Healing 2500/Session

Mode of Session



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