About Ms. Mini Kapoor

Mini Kapoor is a dedicated conscious seeker and  a Founder of Conscious Seeker Academy.

 She is a Mindfulness Coach and Emotional Balance and Resilience Healer.

She is committed to the ceaseless pursuit of knowledge and self-realization. Her profound fascination with the intricate workings of nature and the Universal Design has driven her into the profound realms of metaphysics, quantum physics, and the intricate energy systems that govern life.

Through this exploratory journey, she has achieved breakthroughs across physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions. This holistic approach has not only transformed her own life but has also inspired and guided others toward a more fulfilling existence.

Her purpose is to reach out to as many people as possible, awakening their authentic selves.

As a dedicated enthusiast of mindfulness and energy healing, she has uncovered the fundamental truth that the innate power to overcome life's challenges and setbacks lies within us all. She firmly believes that embracing one's true self can unleash natural abilities to manifest the life of one's dreams.

Over two decades, she has guided individuals and teams on their paths to reaching their highest potential and uncovering their life's purpose, earning recognition as a personal mentor who has made a significant difference through powerful interventions. Drawing from her extensive corporate background, she has effectively bridged the gap between professional experience and personal healing. Her contributions as a guest speaker, mentor, and facilitator for coaching and mentoring organizations further enrich her journey of growth and impact.



  • Life Coaching 49999
  • Meditation 2950/Session
  • 5000/Session
  • Theta Healing 30000/Month

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