About Mrs. Mirabelle Dcunha

Yoga is economy of effort and luxury of inner experience.

Practical, Deep and Joy-FULL is yoga as it comes through Mirabelle D'cunha “Sivajyoti”. Born and raised in Mumbai, yoga was something she took for granted until she had a debilitating slipped disc compounded by fused cervical vertebrae and scoliosis. Yoga  brought unexplainable experiences of healing and ever since, there’s been a dynamic force guiding her to share these amazing tools.  

With over 10 years experience teaching yoga and over 15 years experience meditating, Mirabelle has a gift for meeting the needs of her students. She is particularly guided to share the deeper nuances of the practice as they apply to yogis living in grihastha (the “material” world of householders). She has taught in Mumbai, Bermuda, Chicago, New York, Bahamas and the Cayman Islands where she lives with her husband and child. She also teaches a Meditation for Beginners Course online to fund raise for the Kailash Sathyarthi Foundation that works to end child slavery.


  • Yoga 90/Session

Mode of Session

  • E Workshop
  • At centre
  • Long distance
  • Via WhatsApp
  • Via Skype
  • Online



Spiritual Journaling

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FREE Online Spiritual Journaling Playshop  Sunday 16 Feb 2020 New York        10:30 a.m  San Francisco . . .

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