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FREE Online Spiritual Journaling Playshop 

Sunday 16 Feb 2020
New York        10:30 a.m 
San Francisco 7:30 a.m
London            3:30 p.m
Dubai               7:30 p.m
Mumbai           9:00 p.m
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The wonderful feedback from Spiritual Journaling Playshops at the Sivananda Ashram Bahamas where people attended from over 10 countries in the world, it made me feel like I've got to share this with everyone! So its in time zones suitable to online enquiries I received via Instagram.

So, here its is available to you and your friends and family ANYWHERE in the world.

A spiritual journal helps us track our practice/progress, identify our spiritual goals and their nuances, define the practices that will help us "achieve" them and then stay with the practice.

In this "playshop" will explore how to create a spiritual journal, how to fine tune it from month to month, how it really works as a simple but super quick (just takes 5 minutes daily) check in. You can be from any spiritual or religious tradition or just want to be a better person and find a wealth of efficiency and surrender manifest through spiritual journaling. 

FREE for the First 25 people who sign up.

Here's feedback from some attendees

"Thank you soooo much for a great and inspiring session full of passion and generosity. My girlfriends and I who attended your session have been talking about customizing it to make it our own and then doing it while supporting each other over the year.
Thank you thank you again." 
- Y. Goodman, USA

"If this is the energy you have after doing this, I'm going to do this."- Tom, UK

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Yoga is economy of effort and luxury of inner experience.

    Practical, Deep and Joy-FULL is yoga as it comes through Mirabelle D'cunha “Sivajyoti”. Born and raised in Mumbai, yoga was something she took for granted until she had a debilitating slipped disc compounded by fused cervical vertebrae and scoliosis. Yoga  brought unexplainable experiences of healing and ever since, there’s been a dynamic force guiding her to share these amazing tools.  

    With over 10 years experience teaching yoga and over 15 years experience meditating, Mirabelle has a gift for meeting the needs of her students. She is particularly guided to share the deeper nuances of the practice as they apply to yogis living in grihastha (the “material” world of householders). She has taught in Mumbai, Bermuda, Chicago, New York, Bahamas and the Cayman Islands where she lives with her husband and child. She also teaches a Meditation for Beginners Course online to fund raise for the Kailash Sathyarthi Foundation that works to end child slavery.


  • Online via Zoom,


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