About Ms. Pooja Rohitkumar Shah

Spiritual Healer Pooja Shah, is a qualified holistic therapist Renowned Reiki Grand Master, Pranic Healer & Arhatic Yogi & trainer, energy healer. As she progressed in her spiritual journey, her idea is to spread Universal divine energies, power as well. Spreading Jainism & Jain Mantra’s benefit which goes parallel to science & human bioenergy field, to the world, with keen interest and make the best use of her practical knowledge so that high-quality performance is delivered for the progress of the community.

Through the intense journey of her life and her own inner transformation, she had realized that every problem has a solution. For more than 15 years she has been working with people of different attitudes, and of all ages, brackets guiding them to develop their logical skills of living life with divine blessings of supreme energy. Teaching live practical techniques to make healing & meditation very interesting and effective for all.

With her experience in the field of healing & meditation, She has brought changes in many areas of her client's life including money, business, career, and health using different healing modalities.

Teaching live practical techniques to make healing & meditation very interesting and effective for all. She would like to educate, deliver divine energy across the globe.

Modalities Practiced:

  • Reiki Healing
  • Pranic Healer & Arhatic Yogi
  • Crystal Healing
  • Angel Healing
  • Mantra Healing
  • Astrology Reading
  • Tarot Oracle Reading
  • Angel Oracle Reading
  • Jain Mantra Healing Developer


  • Pranic Healing 600/Session
  • Reiki Healing 600/Session
  • Angel Healing 600/Session
  • Crystal Healing 600/Session
  • Work Space and Home Energy Cleansing 600/Session
  • Aura Healing 600/Session
  • Chakra Balancing 600/Session
  • Meditation 900/Session
  • Divine Healing Hands 900/Session
  • Angel Card Reading 1000/Session
  • Health and wellness Coaching 1000/Session
  • Life Coaching 1500/Session
  • Pendulum Dowsing 900/Session
  • Psychotherapy 1200/Session
  • Soul Healing 1000/Session
  • Tarot Card Reading 1000/Session
  • Vastu 1000/Session

Mode of Session



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