About Mr. Ravindren Sankaranarayanan

Before diving into the field of spirituality, Ravindren had experienced different vibrations while he was introduced to Reiki Healing as well as Divine Energy Healing. In a quest to learn alternative therapies, he found the Divine Energy Healing to be more effective. With the support of his family and friends, and divine inspiration, he chose to pursue the world of spiritual healing for the rest of his life. Ravindren believes that Health is available to everyone and that our body has the complete mechanism to stay Healthy. Due to our lifestyle changes/accidents, we deviate from Health and it manifests in different forms. This leads us to believe that we have different illnesses. However, it is the deviation from Health. With a healer as a guide, we can be healthy and achieve body-mind synchronisation. Every system wants to restore seeker's health but use of medicine/chemicals may lead to change in the functions of internal organs leading to perpetual health issues in different forms. The energy healers work(Reiki, Theta, Divine Energy healing etc,) by creating equilibrium in the entire system leading to Health without side effects. Depending upon the system of different Healing Systems, it may take one to many sessions for complete restoration. Ravindren believes in the Almighty God, and invoking the Almighty, the health is restored to an individual.


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