About Mr. Sanjay Kumar Chaudhary

Sanjay Kumar has been in the energy field for the last ten years. He chose pranic healing as a stepping stone in the holistic healing field. after getting the taste of one modality, he chose to do other courses as well,e.g. Reiki, magnified healing, EFT, Pyramid therapy, Silva method, crystal healing, Reiki surgery, Lama Fera and many more.

As a healer, Sanjay believes that we are only an instrument of supreme power, and result depend on his desire/person Karma (not only past also present karma). our Physical health depends on four pillars, for the best healing result we should care all pillars.

Let's work together, follow your healer instruction, and see the miracle of divine Energy within a few healing sessions.

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  • Reiki Healing 300/Session
  • Pranic Healing 300/Session
  • Crystal Healing 301/Session
  • Vastu 5000/Session
  • Pyramid Energy Healing 5000/Month

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For any issues please contact +919971088870 or +918527622018

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