About Mr. Vishal Jaiswal

Mr. Vishal Jaiswal is a professional Pranic Healer,an good influencer and also a councellor. He is actively working and leading MCKS FOOD FOR THE HUNGRY FOUNDATION UP (NGO exempted under 80G) which is working for eradicating hunger in the region of Uttar Pradesh.


  • Crystal Healing 1500
  • Vastu 5000/Session
  • Counseling therapy 1000/Session
  • Yoga 3000/Month
  • Work Space and Home Energy Cleansing 1000/Session
  • Health and wellness Coaching 500/Session
  • Pranic Healing 1500/Session
  • Aura Healing 1500/Session
  • Naturopathy Treatment 500/Session
  • Spiritual Counselling 3000/Session
  • Meditation 500/Session

Mode of Session


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For any issues please contact +919971088870 or +918527622018

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