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What is Acutherapy

Acutherapy is an advanced form of treatment based on an ancient cure by Acupressure. Can anything be so simple? Yes, in this therapy, humble seeds, small magnets, and beautiful colors are used for treatment! The therapy is very effective and with zero side effects, is being used by hundreds of Acutherapists across India to treat a vast number of patients: with miraculous results. In many cases, it has already revolutionized medical treatment by providing curing treatments for incurable diseases such as Diabetes, Thyroid, Chronic Kidney Disease, BP, Rheumatoid arthritis, Cancer, etc.

Its efficacy and safety are stated below in short:

  • Early diagnosis through acupoints.
  • Easy to study, learn, and practice.
  • Non-invasive mode of treatment
  • Immediate relief in acute problems
  • Substantial cure in chronic disorders with long term treatment
  • Natural, non-invasive, no side effects therapy.
  • Cost-effective, painless, do-it-yourself modality.
  • Self-employment and job oriented.

This revolutionary research, which uncovered many a truth, has vast potential because of its simplicity of application and ease of learning. It decreases dependence on medicines and one is saved from their serious side effects, thus, helping one to improve the quality of health and life.


Q.1 What is Acutherapy?

A.1 Acutherapy is an alternate form of treatment. An acutherapists helps and guides you through life. He/she helps in finding suitable and apt solutions to all of the problems you face in life. A counselor plays the role of a friend, philosopher, and guide in your life.

Q.2 What is the average cost of Acutherapy?
A.2 The cost of consulting an acutherapist depends on a number of factors. It depends on the locality youʼre in. It also depends on the qualification of the healer and the number of years of experience the healer has.
Q.3 Who is the best Acutherapist?
A.3 There are a number of well-qualified acutherapists on our panel. You have to browse and choose which healer is the best for you. Most of our instructors are extremely well qualified and have years of experience. You have to see for yourself which instructor suits you best.
Q.4 Why does the cost of consulting Acutherapists vary?
A.4 The cost of consulting acutherapists vary because of a number of factors. For example, different instructors vary in their qualifications and the number of years of experience they have.