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What is Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychologist is someone who helps you understand yourself better and get a fresh perspective about your life problems and issues.

In this fast-paced world we are faced with a number of problems that we generally don't have easy answers to. While we think we can face all of our challenges ourselves, someone who can help us look at our problems differently can definitely help.
We generally tend to think that we know ourselves well, yet many times we lose ourselves by adapting to the rules of the social world. In this scenario, a therapist can help us understand the issue in a better manner.

Counseling therapists practice what we generally call 'talk therapy'. Many times just talking about our problems can bring quick relief. All we need is someone who can listen to us in a non-judgmental way.

Counseling Psychologists are trained specialists who understand human behavior and intricacies of human mind. They have undergone specialized training in identifying and helping people manage their psychological and emotional problems or disorders including like Anxiety, depression, phobias etc.

Generally we tend to confuse psychologists with psychiatrists. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who can prescribe psychiatric medicines and sometimes conduct therapy sessions as well. Psychologists on the other hand, are primarily trained in conducting psychotherapy for mental or psychological disorders like Anxiety, depression, social anxiety, or agoraphobia etc. Unlike psychiatrists, psychologists can’t prescribe psychiatric medication. 

So who should you see in case you face any emotional challenge? Well, it depends on the condition. For severe conditions like Schizophrenia, psychosis or neurosis, psychiatric medicines are important, hence seeing a psychiatrist is advisable. Once the condition stabilizes a bit, the patient can work with a psychologist to identify the psychological basis of the condition and address it accordingly. 

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