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What is Smudging

Do you feel stuck in your life? 
Do you feel depressed or anxious all the time?

If your answer is “Yes”, then you needed to undergo a healing method called as Smudging.
If you are surrounded by a negative field, you will have problems related to emotional, spiritual or physical health. So it is necessary to bring positivity to your home, office or other physical space. Smudging is a healing method that removes the negative vibes from your life and heals you emotionally and spiritually. 

In this healing method, sacred plants such as sage are burnt and the smoke that comes out helps in purifying and cleansing the air. Sage is the most used herb for smudging. Many scientists have proved that burning sage brings clarity and awareness, improves mood and enhances the memory. It also removes negative energy and purifies your mind, body, spirit and also an environment 

Smudging works effectively in treating ailments such as asthma, headaches, lung problems, respiratory issues and also cough or cold. 

Smudging cleans your room and also the surrounding objects. If you bring new objects into your room it may produce negative energy. In such cases, you can use a smudge stick to clear the negative vibes that affect the environment. 

Smudging also brings inner calm and relaxation. It helps in reducing blood pressure, relieves stress and tension. It also boosts your mood and improve concentration.

Smudging therapy should be performed on a regular basis. If you are surrounded by negative energy or if you feel gloomy, then smudging can be used. It is also a good practice to use smudging when you move into a new place. 

Smudging is practiced in India. India has well-trained smudging practitioners. Life Positive is glad to have partnered with some of the best smudging practitioners in India. You can book an appointment with your preferred smudging practitioner in India and live a positive life.