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For Individual Participant: 7499/- 2999/- For couple Participants: 13000/- 4999/- For repeat Participants: 999/-


2 Days Workshop / 3 Hrs Each Day
Dates : 12-13 September, Aug 2021
Timing : 03:00 - 06:00 pm

For Individual Participant: Rs.7499/-  2999/-
For couple Participants: Rs. 13000/- 4999/-
For repeat Participants: 999/-

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Develop Emotional Resilience: Online EFT (Tapping) Workshop 

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When we talk about health and wellness we majorly focus on physical health but the required emphasis is not given on mental and emotional health. 
Though now we know that emotional and mental health is equally or most of the time more important than physical health as it is the foundation on which our physical health is standing.

And when we talk about emotional health we talk about understanding our emotions, managing our emotions, and dealing with and processing our negative unresolved emotions, which are the major cause for most of our disease, discomforts, and underperformance.

Here in this workshop, we not only enter deep into the world of emotions we will understand, learn and equip ourselves with one of the most used single methods from the emerging field of Energy Psychology to deal with our negative unresolved emotions called EFT. 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is one of the most trusted brand-names in the Energy Psychology arena and based on the principles of acupuncture which involves activating the energy meridian by stimulating the acupoints on the body through fingertips while tuning-in the negative unresolved emotions.

This is seen as universal emotional healing aid and used by hundreds and thousands of common people and experts alike throughout the world.

In this 2 days (6 hours) workshop you will understand, learn, and experience the following :

✨ Introduction to the revolutionary field of Energy Psychology.
✨ How energy works and the deep connection between energy & emotions
✨ Understand what are emotions and how they function
✨ Find out the invisible deep connection of unresolved negative issues with visible physical diseases and discomforts
✨ Emotional causes of diseases, discomforts, and underperformance in our personal and professional lives
✨ How do the negative blocks create and how if not addressed effectively generate physical, emotional, and mental imbalance?
✨ Know the history and basis of EFT tapping
✨ Learn EFT tapping Basics and its practical use in dealing with negative unresolved emotions
✨ Learn EFT Tapping Borrowing benefits
✨ Learn Imaginary & Telephonic tapping
✨ Initiate your own Personal Peace Procedure


✨ More practical demos
✨Advance set-up phrases and reminder statements
✨ Introducing CHOICE METHOD^^ – How to use tapping for installing positives

CHOICE METHOD in EFT was pioneered by Dr. Patricia Carrington and being used by thousands and thousands of EFT practitioners worldwide. It will not only facilitate you to focus on the positive but also helps you to increase the effectiveness of the law of attraction. It’s a step further from Basic EFT and will make your journey towards abundance much smoother and more enjoyable.


✅Individuals who are facing difficulties on an emotional level
✅Suffering from critical pain and long term physical diseases
✅Individuals who are facing acute stress and anxiety issues
✅Individuals who are facing low self-esteem and low confidence issues
✅Those who want to help others with a quick, effective, and impactful self-healing method
✅Coaches, counsellors, and self-help professional who wants to add an effective and impactful tool in their healing toolbox  to help their clients
✅Anyone who has a curiosity and zeal to understand the world of emotions, energy, and their interplay to live a healthy, happy, and meaningful life


With experience, we understand that only knowledge is not understanding and only understanding is not practising. And we keep this aspect in mind in designing every module. Any workshop or seminar or online training is not effective or complete if we don’t put that learning and insights into practice.

We understand that unless we put that knowledge and learning from any session into practice, experience it, note questions and queries that arise from those experiences, and share those experiences to develop insights, we will not be able to reap the benefits of that method or technique or modality. As we focus on not sharing only information but helping develop your insights, we know how important it is to share experiences and ask questions to gain more clarification.

In the last more than a decade of experience in using emotional intelligence and inherent behaviour traits (Temperament)  in practice, we developed this One-Month schedule after completion of the module. This period is very crucial not only to gain insights after putting your learning into practice but also to internalize those universal principles on which this workshop is based on.

The following will be provided to all participants, along with this two-days workshop which includes the following :
 WhatsApp support to ask questions and seek clarification while putting the method into practice

 Email support for sharing and articulating those experiences in detail provides depth in the learning

Two exclusive group follow up session

Certificate of Participation

NOTE: Individual one to one coaching packages are also available for getting specific results and seek specific changes

Complimentary SARTRAC Global** Silver membership

NOTE 1: These after workshop exclusive support is provided personally by the session facilitator Mr. Mahesh Sharma, 

NOTE 2: **SARTRAC Global is an organization focused to provide Wholistic wellness solutions to its members via their expert panel, which includes experts from the fields of Finance, Relationships, Emotional & physical wellness, creativity, women-centric initiatives, social causes, and self-help

2 Days Workshop / 3 Hrs Each Day

Dates : 12-13 Sept 2021
Timing : 03:00 - 06:00pm


For Individual Participant:Rs.7499/-

For couple Participants: <s>13000/-  Rs. 4999/-

For repeat Participants: 999/-

REGISTER HERE (you can choose your batch here in the registration form)
 href="https://kyts.in/eft-workshop-india/" Register for the NEXT workshop here



About the organizers/facilitators

  • Mr Mahesh Sharma is an Internationally Certified LIFE Purpose & Personal Performance Coach by profession and a humanist, and researcher by choice. He is running his life coaching practice since 2008 and specializes in mental and emotional well-being, personal performance enhancement and Inherent Behavior Traits. 

    He is also the founder & chief mentor of Know Your True Self® Group, which is a research, training, coaching, and community sharing entity in the fields of Human Behaviour, Energy Psychology, Leadership Development, and youth empowerment. He is currently operating from Surat, Gujarat. 


    Born & raised in the Capital, he started his career in the Indian Army, and only from there did his lifelong love with human behaviour and subconscious working of mind started. After serving for 10 years in the Army he shifted to Faridabad (Delhi/NCR) and associated with various organizations in the fields of insurance, real estate, training and alternate franchising as an entrepreneur, trainer, consultant & speaker before taking the plunge to follow his lifelong passion in 2008 and started his Coaching, Training and Research entity Know Your True Self® Research Academy (KYTS Research). 


    He inspires, educates, and empowers people, helping them to realize their true potential and spreads his message of true leadership, abundance, well-being, and Personal Excellence through the unique Whole Person Approach for personal, financial, and professional success. With his natural ability to connect to his audience and tendency to convey the message from the heart, he has taken his dynamic private messages to corporate, educational & professional institutes, individuals, groups and couples through personal sessions, workshops, seminars, corporate learning modules and keynote addresses. His more than two decades of research, understanding and experience has helped lots of people on the path of personal & professional growth, fulfilment, success, and abundance. 


    He is an eminent TV personality, appeared on numerous television shows, and wrote articles on personal effectiveness, energy psychology, Nurturing the Human Side of Enterprise, leadership, inherent behaviors, divine intervention, and the need for personal growth as a prerequisite for a successful and fulfilling life. 

    Hundreds of individuals, many corporate and educational and professional institutes have benefitted from his passionate workshops, especially on Human Behavior, Energy Psychology, Heart-Centered Leadership, Emotional Excellence and Universal Timeless principles of significant & meaningful living and thousands have heard him through his keynote addresses. 


    He has been sharing his powerful and dynamic message with lots of individuals, Corporate, Educational & Professional Institutes, Media Groups and. 


    Focus Areas: Personal Performance and Life Coaching; Personal Effectiveness; Relationships; Emotional Intelligence; Youth Empowerment; and Energy Psychology 

    Specialties: Certified Life Purpose Coach; Keynote Speaker; Master EFT Practitioner and workshop facilitator; Inherent Behavior Specialist; Researcher & Humanist.

    Affiliation: Know Your True Self® Research Academy (KYTS Research),  SARTRAC Global, Growth Sellers Academy, Nepal 

    (His ongoing learning curve*) 

    6000+ hours of personal coaching experience  

    270+ Energy Psychology & Behavioural Sciences workshops 

    190+ Personal Coaching associates 

    90+ Corporate & Educational and professional institutions served Certified LIFE Purpose Coach 

    Certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner 

    Temperament (Inherent Behaviour) Specialist 

    Master EFT Practitioner, promoter, and trainer since 2008 

    Energy psychology and Inherent Behavior researcher since 2005 One of the pioneer promoters of Emotional Health & Wellbeing in the country  since 2005


  • Online , CNG Pump, National Highway 27, Shapar, Gujarat, India, National Highway 27, Vavdi, Shapar, Gujarat, India


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