You cannot Drop the Ego

By Suma Varughese

October 2006

Mumtaz Ali, otherwise known as m, is a greatly respected Vedanta teacher and spiritual mentor to thousands across the world.

Perhaps the most striking thing about M, as he is usually called by the many students who know him as a Vedanta and yoga teacher, a spiritual instructor and founder of Satsang Foundation, is his name, Mumtaz Ali. In a syncretic land like India, a Muslim imparting core Hindu wisdom is really par to the course, but in the vitiated times we live in created by divisive politics, there is usually a pause and then a rush of pleasure at the thought of this unlikely coupling.


Yet Mumtaz Ali does not see himself as a posterboy for Hindutva. He wears his identity lightly, and sees himself as a human being, absorbing wisdom from all available sources from Sufism to Hinduism.

M’s spiritual journey is thrilling and began in the most mysterious way at age nine, when a strange being approached him in his home in Trivandrum, Kerala, and pronounced himself as his guru. Wearing a white loin cloth, the long-haired fair-skinned visitor told him that he would not meet him again for many years but that all means for his spiritual tuition would be provided. Sure enough, different people manifested at different stages in his life and led the boy, who by now had already attained the experience of inner bliss, onward. In his second year of college, he ran away to the Himalayas and in due course met his master, who he calls Babaji, once again.

Clearly, a man with a destiny, M was instructed by his guru to teach Vedanta and yoga and accordingly set up the Satsang Foundation and Satsang Trust, in Bangalore. In between becoming a spiritual teacher, M dabbled in many activities, serving as a trustee for the Krishnamurti Foundation for a few years. He met and married his wife, Sunanda, there and soon after began his other passion, setting up schools for rural education. He has one in Madanapalle, a small village in Andhra Pradesh, and has recently started his residential fee-paying school that hopes to raise children to develop their mental, physical and spiritual potential. He has written two books, Jewel in the Lotus (Sterling), and Wisdom of the Rishis, the latter published by the Satsang Foundation. A singer and painter who makes a livelihood from his paintings, M is clearly a protean personality. Excerpts from an interview conducted with him in Bangalore:

What does enlightenment actually mean? What are its characteristics?
Since there are so many different enlightenment approaches in India, it is difficult to answer that question.

Would you say that there are different forms of enlightenment?
I think so. … you know when people talk of vedanta, they only talk of advaita vedanta. But there are so many, like dvaita which is also vedanta;
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With Due Respects, Mr.M may be a Kriya Yogi but his words doesn't truly have any understanding of teachings of Advaitha Vedantha neither J.K,Nor Buddhism or even enlightenment. First of all the Topic - You cannot Drop the Ego is false. Again it is purely Krishnamurthy,Buddhism is second false. Shankara said - There is no ego - is the third wrong understanding of the teaching of Advaitha Vedantha.(Path of Wisdom - Gnana Marg). Pride is not ego - Pride is one of the aspects of ego. Buddhism says it is nothingness - again it is wrong understanding. The final state of Nothingness/Voidness experienced by Buddhism and Advaithins are the same.But worded differently. There are different samadhis but enlightenment is one that is annihilation of ego. Regarding Krishnamurthy (Krishnaji) - His words throw away all the Holy books in to river will be appreciated because even in Advaitha - at one stage one have to drop all the scriptures like throwing away the husks after taking the rice. Also J.K was always of the right in saying it is because of this religious conditioning (religious ego) and other divisions there is no harmony among people. The difference is Vaishnavities - Doesn't agree to the concept of annihilation of ego.Then who will be there/interested to do the Bhakthi ? :)

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‘Egolessness‘ has to be understood properly. A human being can function fully when he is not reflecting on himself but puts his attention on the wholeness of life and becomes integrated with it physically. Then the ‘outside‘ and the ‘inside‘ of a man are the same thing. No ego is required when one does not self-reflect. It is incessant self-reflection that causes the suffering. Break the mirror of self-reflection and look outwardly, not caring what happens to you, and you will have dropped the ego, because the ego is simply a long thought, which has been interrupted.
The ego will return, and depart, and return, until one day, it will depart forever. Then the body is empty, and the awareness, the consciousness, has merged with all.
I think, therefore I am; there is no thought, therefore I am not.

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Dr.P.Umesh C Pal

Saint SRI M is really a Modern Mystic, having traversed Himalayas with his Guru Sri Babaji and SRi Maheswaranath Babaji, living in Snow high Himalayan peaks and high altitude and Ganges up caves with a Loin clth and Khamanda, and having learntas Apprentices to this Himalayan master, has ben entrusted the divine duty of living the life of a family mans as well as leading the people from darkness to Light.he preches to lead a life of harmony without conflicts and shows the way tro meet the God, The Supreme being! His teachings are Divine‘ His boooks APRENTICES TOA HIMALAYAN MASTER‘ has been translated into all leading languages of India and also in Germany and one of the best seller in charts. Whosoever is fortunate to meet him is sure to have his self realization soon!he is My guru and Mentor. Prostrations to SRI M.

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Well, not true, the ego can be dropped by the ‘you‘this technique is called ‘intending transcendence of the self‘. The task transcends the self. But as long as one follows these personal gurus, one certainly can‘t drop the ego,since the gurus have not dropped their egos, and tell you that you can not either.
The ‘I‘ leading the ‘I‘, both will fall into maya.
The ‘soul‘ or spirit is, of course, nothing to do with the ego. When we transcend the social self, we reach the spirit soul. No-one needs a guru to do it, either.

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Manohar Lal Sahni

Having read the article,I am thrilled to know that Shri,Mis rendering yeomen service to the Society.I am myself a devotee of Babaji have great craving to have his darshan.However I do not do any effort and whatever is availble to me ,I am unable to unravel the mystery of my Rev.Guru who is very kind.I pray for enlightenment.

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