About Dr. Apurvakumar Pandya

Apurva is a humanitarian by heart. For him, life is about choices and change. Everyone goes through tough time. Apurva sees people with their struggles, deeply ingrained habits and behaviour patterns, their unique needs, perception and perspective of their lives. He believes that at this point, people may be passing through difficult time and that may be causing personal disturbances without realising the actual cause of happenings. He also says that people must look into their past to understand the present. Apurva specialises in the following professional services: • Career Assessment and Counseling to choose right career, build professional skills, dealing with job-related stress or other issues, guidance on career change, and develop career growth plan • Psychological Counseling to deal with sexuality concerns; relationship issues; stress, anxiety, personal & spiritual growth etc. • Academic Writing Consultation to improve quality of PhD thesis or dissertation Apurva aims to inspire, empower, and transform people's life. In his sessions, he offers a safe place to explore options and learn new ways to cope with everyday challenges. He facilitates therapeutic process to help his clients get through the obstacles. His counselling is personalised using an integrative approach to help people deal with their concerns efficiently and bring lasting positive change in their life. He believes that his conversations will sure provide people essential insights, new perspectives and make them confident.


  • Psychotherapy 1500
  • Spiritual Counselling 1500
  • Counseling therapy 1500/Session

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