About Ms. Charu Ahuja

What drives Charu?
Meraki Living and Tranformative Coaching.

Meraki Living means living a life where one can leave a legacy and creating value in lives one meets.

Transformative Coaching has been her canvas to create an ecosystem where one can realize one’s inherent potential, redefine life’s choices and reclaim one’s place by letting off self-imposed limiting beliefs and vulnerabilities.

An education degree is only an enabler to becoming a “Sophophile” because the purpose of education is not just to gather knowledge but to put an emphasis on wisdom. For Charu, being a Polymath, is a way to advocate learning and knowledge to solve problems from every perspective. A huge fan of Theory I-Management, Charu's career evolved organically as a French educator, corporate trainer, human resources executive, MBTI consultant, writer and an upcoming author.

Charu is a certified MBTI consultant and a certified life coach, having coached more than 15,000 professionals of the Institute of the Chartered Accountants of India.

Charu is working on her own program, Meraki Living - a transformative program to building a life of unlimited self-esteem, self-expression and living an exceptionally phenomenal life everyday. 


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