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"The passion for bringing out the best in the people not only comes naturally to me; it gives meaning to my life too."- Anil Bhatnagar Anil has been in the holistic healing field for the last 21 years. Like a majority of people, he was stuck in a 9 to 5 routine. After a gruelling routine which mentally exhausted him, he finally decided to release himself by choosing the spiritual path. He left the corporate world for good, never to look back. He believes that people ought to squeeze our potential and compassion out to the hilt to transform our workplaces into temples of servant leadership and all-around fulfilment. After all, not only do they spend a major part of our waking life there, but the way we do so shapes the quality of others’ experience too. Nowadays, Anil is conducting workshops internationally on over 20 subjects for over 100 leading organisations (with an average feedback rating of 9.4/10). Armed with his research and experience of using the tenets of neuroplasticity, mindfulness and habit transformation, Anil teaches executives how to stay alert and focused at work, and how to turn what they have learnt into habits. Gratitude blurs his eyes when he receives standing ovations, or emotionally touching compliments such as, ‘We regret not having found you earlier’. He says that embracing the spiritual world will remain his best decision.


  • Life Coaching 2500/Session

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