About Mrs. Nina Saxena

Nina has been practising Pranic Healing regularly for the last seven years. She firmly believes that Pranic Healing is a way of life – it provides simple yet powerful practical tools for understanding and manifesting our potential. She is also a trained physiotherapist, the founding partner and Director of Eloquenza, and an Italian language teacher and trainer. Apart from that, she has dabbled in quizzes, food and wine events, adventure sports, and is a keen traveller. Nina is known for organising talks and orientation programmes on Pranic Healing and the meditation on Twin Hearts for corporates, groups as well as schools. Her practice includes applying Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s teachings in everyday life for stress-management, team-building, enhancing productivity, improving organisational skills and concentration and balancing spiritual growth with material and physical well-being. She undertakes healing sessions and has recently started practising Pranic Feng Shui. Having a fairly diverse professional and educational background, learning and educating has been a constant in Nina's life. She says that turning towards spiritual healing was the best decision of her life.


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