About Mrs. Mmanju Bajaj

Mmanju Bajaj, with her gifted intuitiveness and spiritual vision, reads you and helps you through the divine guidance that she receives. She combines her sharp, instinctive insight and natural healing ability to help you progress on your path. She firmly believes that “Nothing is impossible when we follow divine guidance, even when its direction might scare us by challenging our usual logic”. With her strong faith, patience, and perseverance, she brings about magical, life-transforming, and sustainable effects for you.

Her broad areas of expertise encompass Healing, Training students in several healing modalities, Dispelling and protecting from black magic and spirits, in addition to giving Consultations and guidance through Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot. She also helps in Name rectification. 

Based in the capital city of spiritual India, New Delhi, Mmanju Bajaj, a post-graduate in English, operates under her own banner: Karmavedaa, a School of Healing and Occult Studies. She has achieved international acclaim as a Healer, Trainer, and Consultant, has exhibited her talents in Lifestyle Exhibitions, and enjoys an extensive clientele across U.K., France, Afghanistan, U.A.E., Canada, U.S.A., and Singapore. 

In the shoes of a highly effective Healer, she offers healing sessions that include Lama Phera, Reiki, Angel therapy, Theta healing, Magnified healing, Pranic healing, Ethereal Crystals healing, Past-life regression, and Akashic records. She holds the highest-level training and certification in all the above modalities from renowned institutes. As she heals you, her sharp clairvoyance helps her remove the undesirable, disturbing, and negative energy that is blocking your path or holding you back from making headway in any area of your life, whether personal or professional. She has also successfully treated patients suffering from many challenging ailments like bipolar disorder, deep depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, dyslexia, leukoderma, myoma, gallstones, cysts, and PCOD.

As an excellent and thorough Teacher and Trainer, she helps you become a Healer yourself, and that too a strong one. During her workshops and courses, she imparts immense amount of invaluable knowledge and empowers you to be an independent and effective Healer for your benefit and the benefit of others. She conducts Workshops, in person and online, in Reiki (up to Grandmastership), Karuna Reiki (up to Grandmastership), Money Reiki ( Upto Grandmaster ship), Lama Phera (all levels), Angel Therapy (all levels), Ethereal Crystals (all levels), Aura & Chakra Scanning, Akashic Record workshop, Switchwords,Defusewords, Money workshop, and Meditation. She offers in-person and online Courses in Tarot cards, OSHO Zen cards, Angel cards, Numerology, and Astrology. She also offers her sacred, spiritual space at Karmavedaa to encourage other healers and trainers to conduct workshops, seminars, and meditation sessions.

While giving Consultations for readings and predictions through astrology, numerology, and cards, the planets, numbers, and cards speak through her about your past, present, and future, with complete accuracy. This helps her provide you with effective and speedy solutions for all kinds of problems related to your health (emotional, mental, physical), wealth, profession, relationships, love, marriage, education, and more. 
Another area that draws people to her is her ability to take you through deep, intense, divine Meditation sessions. She offers a diverse range of group meditation experiences. A Shiv Shakti Sadhak herself, she also initiates and provides lifelong guidance to her students of Shiv Shakti Sadhana to help raise their Kundalini energy. 

Above all, her calling to help people become God-loving rather than God-fearing drives her through all her offerings and services. She helps you love the Divine in a natural way by paving the way for you to develop a profound relationship with your personal belief system, and facilitates your journey away from superstitions.

Come, meet Mmanju Bajaj, for every passing minute is another precious chance to turn it all around and lead a BLISSFUL LIFE!


  • Tarot Card Reading 2500/Session
  • Palm Reading Fees disclosed on request
  • Reiki Healing 2100/Session
  • Astrology 5000/Session
  • Angel Healing Fees disclosed on request
  • Pranic Healing 2100/Session
  • Lama Fera Healing 2500/Session
  • Numerology 5000/Session
  • Magnified Healing 1000/Session
  • Meditation 1000/Session

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