About Ms. Shetall Ramsinghani

Shetall Ramsinghani is a Delhi based healer who has spent her childhood exploring her city to the core. Her endearing nature and cheerful personality make her favourite among all her friends. An avid reader and writer, she finds her inspiration and positiveness in all types of literature. She has penned down her thoughts in Love beyond Veils(a book of poems), The Golden Hour(fiction and love stories) and The Gang of Wonder Kids (a book for emerging adults). She harboured a deep love for animals and took up the healing courses to alleviate the suffering of stray animals. She practises meditation as well. Professionally, she began her career with an international airline and then switched to work with a diplomatic mission. Born as Clairsentience, Shetall started learning about occult at a very young age. When she was fifteen years old, she did her first tarot reading without even knowing the basics.With the passage of time, she started helping her friends and family. She learnt Pranic healing at the age of eighteen and helped patients with cancer, joint pains and many other major and minor ailments. As time progressed so did my interest, and she learnt a new healing technique called Reiki. Now, she is a certified Reiki healer. Shetall's love for occult jumped to another level where she became a certified astrologer and learnt to explore a new world. She helped people with the readings and remedies of Lal Kitab, for which, she received excellent feedback. Then she took her Tarot learning to the new level of exploration where people who did not have Kundalis approached me and she successfully created their astrological chart with the help of Tarot and helped them by providing solutions to their problems. Shetall aims to live for others and to share her pool of knowledge.


  • Tarot Card Reading 2500/Session
  • Astrology 5000/Session

Mode of Session

  • At centre



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