About Mr. Deepu Kumar

Deepu Kumar has been treating Acupressure, Reflexology and Magneto Therapy for last 20 years. He has specialised in treating Slip Disc, Lower Back Pain, Sciatica Pain and Frozen Shoulder Cervical Spondylitis, and is focused on using expertise in Acupressure to improve health and well-being of clients. He is focused on creating a positive, caring and holistic environment for healing and relaxation, with expertise in Acupressure. Deepu was inclined towards holistic healing since his childhood. He did not take much time in realising that he was meant to serve in the spiritual field. Since then, he has been dedicatedly treating people using a combination of treatments. He has a lot of credits to his profile, which are- o Internship in Naturopathy for three months at Dawas Nature-Cure Hospital & Training Institute, New Delhi. o Attended three days workshop on NATUROPATHY organised by Nature Cure Society, Delhi. o Attended one month workshop on REIKI HEALER organised by Temple of Nature Cure and Healing Sciences. o Attended Acupressure Scientific Seminar as a speaker on 'Migraine' at Acupressure Academy, Indore. o Participated in Acupressure course organized by Indian Academy of Acupressure Science, Indore o Attended health workshop on Nature Health Care & Holistic Life Style organised by Bapu Nature Cure Hospital & Yogashram. o Participated in National Acupressure Congress organised by Indian Academy of Acupressure Science, Indore


  • Acupressure Therapy 900/Session
  • Magnet Therapy 900/Session
  • Naturopathy Treatment 900/Session
  • Sujok Therapy 900/Session

Mode of Session

  • At centre



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