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About Mrs. Mirza Hina Khan

Mirza Hina Khan is an expert practitioner on power yoga and therapeutic yoga. She is well acquainted with several other forms of yoga as well. Her excellent coaching skills and passion towards yoga, has helped her train her students most effectively. She has also developed some customised training curriculums and techniques as per the specific needs of her trainees. Also, Hina is recognised for developing a hybrid style of 'Athletic Yoga' that combines the benefits of modern gym exercises with traditional yoga. Apart from that, she is a specialist in acupressure and also a trained dietitian. Her experience with Dietetics helped her to come up with some unique modules which are a combination of yoga and controlled diet. These are more potent than the traditional techniques. Presently, Hina is running her yoga and fitness centre offering a wide range of customised yoga and meditation classes. She is also associated with some corporates, offering lifestyle and stress-related yoga sessions for their employees.


  • What is Yoga 500/Session
  • acupressure therapy 1000/Session
  • Meditation 300/Session
  • what balanced diet Fees disclosed on request

Mode of Session

  • At centre
  • At home
  • Over phone



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