About Mrs. Meera Kundra

Meera Kundra is a Reiki Grand Master in the William Lee Rand linage of grandmasters attuned under the expert guidance of Acharya Aruna Anand. Further, she is also a lama fera practitioner, a Tarot consultant and teacher. From a young age, Meera was fascinated by the concept of energy work, and she always wanted to dive deeper into this field and learn it inside out. She also felt a loud calling to not only learn these tools but also use them for the betterment of humanity at large. Her inner calling kept guiding her to work harder to reach out to the masses and guide, heal, inspire and uplift them. Meera is now living the purpose of her life and cherishes every moment she spent in the spiritual world.


  • Reiki Healing To be disclosed on request
  • Tarot Card Reading To be disclosed on request
  • Dowsing To be disclosed on request
  • Numerology To be disclosed on request
  • Vastu To be disclosed on request


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