About Ms. Ranjana Sharma

Ranjana Sharma is a professional Journalist who wandered into the world of Training and Coaching years ago and has worked as Department Head and Regional Training Head in MNCs. It enabled her to simplify all the grand mysteries and esoteric truths that she had realised. She has created a course that answers all questions regarding Life, Death, Soul, Fate, LOA, Nirvana and God. She calls it Soul Tantra as the Soul is the basis of this entire Creation. She quotes not only Vedas and other scriptures but also support those quotes with what Quantum Physics is saying. Ranjana is also an Energy healer who uses all types of Energies in Nature to carry out the Healing and cannot only explain but shows you how to start seeing Aura, sense your Body and understand how it works. Why you get the diseases or sicknesses that you have and how you can remove them from the very root. Also a prolific writer, Ranjana contributes Defense related, political and social articles as well as research papers to Defense Kavach, Defense Monitor, International Institute of Non-Aligned Studies (IINAS), Day After International News Magazine, Khaleej Times (Dubai). She has also written a book for IINAS on Pakistani Women. Why did Ranjana choose the spiritual path? Because she couldn't ignore her heart's true calling. She was born with a feeling of Superiority and a bunch of past life memories, which not only made it difficult for her to accept the current Life but also made it impossible to adjust to the society. The dissatisfaction and frustration put her on the path of constant research into the entire cycle of Birth, Death, After Death life and Pre-birth soul contracts. Her superior ego and extreme Pride ensured that she would be taken through the worst twists and turns of life. She was unable to trust herself at that time. Things worsened to the extent where she attempted to take her own life. Today, Ranjana is at a place where she has all the answers to the mysteries of both Life and Death and the in-between, and firmly believes that unless you understand Death, you do not know Life.


  • Soul Healing 1000/Session
  • Reiki Healing 1000/Session
  • Meditation 1000/Session

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  • At centre



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