About Ms. Joyita Goswamy

Joyita is a highly experienced Holistic Healing and Wellness Facilitator. A Reiki GrandMaster with 25 years of experience in multiple healing techniques, she adapts her approach to each individual and context, positively impacting many people worldwide. Her compassionate approach elevates the healing process to a spiritual and emotional level, and she runs her practice under the name Healing Miracles. Joyita is skilled in clearing the Bio-energetics of spaces (Energy Vastu), does Akashic Reading, Dowsing and Spiritual Clearing. She has gained trust of her clients for Animal Healing, She conducts EFT and Mindfulness sessions for various schools and corporates to manage stress and enhance efficiency,  is the Host of Inner Child Healing of a Global Community. She is also actively involved in social initiatives such as #FoodForAll, campaigning for breast cancer awareness and welfare of strays.


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