About Ms. Joyita Goswamy

Joyita is a Wellness Coach working on Mind-Body connection, a Reiki GrandMaster with 23 years’ experience whose mission is to channelize flow of energy to create a positive difference to people’s lives. Well-versed in multiple healing techniques, she adapts the healing approach to the individual and to the context.
Joyita has undergone training under various masters and has received divine guidance from Ascended Masters during her meditative retreats. Since childhood, she was inquisitive by nature and wanted to know in depth about the hows and whys of nature, even at a very young age never took anything at face value, and always had to be explained the justification behind every rule that had to be followed, whether at home or in school. Her parents had been liberal and nurtured her seeking spirit.
Working in this area for more than 2 decades, Joyita has positively impacted many people across the world by her holistic healing abilities and their amazing recoveries are testimonials to her expertise in this area. At a personal level she brings deep compassion to her interactions with seekers which elevates the healing process to a spiritual and emotional level. She runs her Wellness practice by the name Healing Miracles.
She researches and clears the subconscious mind and Akashic Records, using a method called Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), which provides an exacting, powerful and accurate way of changing our lives, enabling us to live more freely. Once identified, these blocks or negative energies can be cleared from the subconscious, soul (Akashic) records, allowing you to heal yourself on all levels. She has done more than 100 researches, and transformed the lives of many individuals.
She is experienced in analysing and clearing the Bio-energetics of a space - homes, shops and factories, and her clients have perceived a profound transformation in their lives after taking consultations from her.
She’s a Reiki GrandMaster and takes Reiki classes for all levels. She conducts various gratis sessions -a weekly healing, book reading, monthly meditation. She has also tied up with various NGOs and local groups to distribute food to the needy as part of her commitment to contributing to society. #FoodForAll is an initiative that had been started in 2019 and is still going strong.
She is actively campaigning to spread the awareness of Breast Cancer among women, Pink October is the month where she appeared live on social media to talk to women who have been detected with cancer, on how to accept and get treatment for cancer. She emphasized the importance of Reiki as alternate healing method along with modern treatment which can be helpful in pain management.
Joyita recently conducted a Wellness Session for a 5 Star Hospitality chain to reduce stress. The workshop was a resounding success and their productivity has been enhanced by the techniques taught during the session. She has been conducting corporate sessions for various corporates on using various modalities to manage stress and enhance efficiency. She gives personalised EFT sessions and also teaches the same.


  • Soul Healing 10000
  • Reiki Healing 1000
  • Emotional Freedom Technique 1000
  • Akashic Record Reading 10000
  • 2100
  • Home Energy Cleansing 5100
  • Pendulum Dowsing 5100

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