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By : Mrs. Dimple Sharma Laumas (Maa Devyani Nanda) Others : Mrs. Dimple Sharma Laumas (Maa Devyani Nanda)


This healing modality was developed by DR. S.K. SAINI (Lama Fera Originator.) He was an occult researcher, between 1992-1995 he developed Suksham Nadi Tantra Kosh Vigyan.

In this system, he introduced many alternative healing techniques, in which lama fera is one of the most popular nowadays. Towards the end of 1995 he developed Shalvik Mantra Rahasya Healing Technique. This is the perfect technique to remove negative planetary effects.

In this technique, we use the vibration of 4,50,000 (four lakhs fifty thousand) mantras in the graphic version, which means symbolic language. Maharshi Shalvik converted these mantras in 450 symbols. Dr. Saini realized that around 150 symbols are related to Tantra. So, he hid those symbols and also replaced some symbols with Karuna Reiki symbols.

In this healing, we use 300 symbols in 3 sets, each set has 100 symbols.



  • We first talk with the person to find the root cause to analyze his/her problem by the help of numbers.

  • We take these numbers to the person to know which symbol vibrations are required to heal them.

  • We can find out the imbalance in their body and place elements and balance them with the help of crystals, gemstones, and other products.

  • We open aura first with the help of opening symbols and Maha Mritunjay Mantra.

  • Then we draw other healing symbols, which we took before from the patient.

  • After projecting all symbols vibration, we start healing with Maha Mritunjay Mantra.

As we know, most mantras are locked. So, we use “samput” for unlocking the energy of mantra.

This is a powerful healing with the grace of Lord Maha Mritunjay. Maha Mritunjay mantra has a vibration frequency of around 490 Hertz. So, this works very fast. This is an accurate system in the world, based on the present mental state of the person and can remove the evil plenary affecting our lives and bring positive effects. This is a powerful and accurate technique to remove almost all life problems.



  • Most of the problems or illness come from imbalance of our body elements. This technique balances body elements.

  • It corrects Vastu dosh and vastu energy and balance them.

  • It helps to find out the root cause of problem or disease.

  • It helps to heal the problem or illness from the root.

  • It removes evil or adverse planetary effects.

  • It removes karmic baggage.

  • It eliminates obstacles from life with the grace of Lord Maha Mritunjay.

  • The effect of all the past bad karmas can be removed and life becomes better.

  • It create a shield against negative energies and protects you from witchcraft, black magic, etc.

  • It attracts health, wealth, and abundance in your life.

  • It helps to attain an ideal, peaceful, and successful life.

  • It helps to get freedom from disease, pains, obstacles, and sorrows.


Who should attend Shalvik Mantra Rahasya Healing Workshop?

This can be learned by anyone of 15 + age.



No need for any particular qualification or criterion. You just need to have a desire to learn.

Moments of Previous Workshop

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Her journey towards spiritualism

    Dimple Sharma belongs to a Brahmin spiritual family. Her parents followed the guru’s path and from her childhood, spiritualism attracted her because of her soul journey. Despite her studies, she started going deep into spiritualism by reading holy books. After graduation and master degree she got married and was busy in her routine family life and, one fine day, she happened to meet one spiritual soul and it was the turning point in her life. She started learning Reiki, Vastu, Tarot card, etc.

    Her specialties

    She joined Dr. S.K. Saini and learned many other fastest healing techniques, especially Lama-fera, Lama Fera version 3 and 4, Shalvik Mantra Healing, Mudra Vigyan, Hunkara with Haleem, Reiki up to Grand Master Level. Then she took many Dikshas of Satyamarg Aghorpanth by Dr. S.K. Saini (Lama-fera Originator- Guru Satyanandji) and started her journey of sadhna and siddhi marg...enjoying miracles all the way.

    Vedic Culture Academy

    Let’s introduce about her Vedic Culture Academy, which is in the spiritual field from the last 25 years, being organized by Maa Devyani Nanda (Dimple Sharma Laumas). She learned deep secrets of occult science and spiritual world to help mankind in an easy way by serving in various alternative healing techniques and the path of Sadhna and Siddhi. my YouTube Profile:  https://www.youtube.com/c/DimpleSharmaGurumaa/videos




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