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Online thru Zoom
Kerala, India


Register by 19th November for 4k only (all inclusive)

By : Mrs. VBNI Vibes to Manifest Others : Ms. Aaira Love


Booking open for the Law of Attraction Foundation Workshop on November 20, 2021 (Saturday)



The Law of Attraction Foundation workshop is the doorways towards understanding the most powerful law of the Universe, ‘The Law of Attraction’. This foundation workshop will be the stepping stone towards the self-exploration and learning to effectively use the Law of attraction principles for everything you want in this life.





What does this journey include?





Understanding the rules of the game on the planet earth and to use the tools for your advantage to live the life of your dreams!





Learn the implementation of all principles of Law of Attraction presented in ‘The Secret’, by Rhonda Byrne.





Channels you to become aware of the power around & within you!





On the whole, this voyage is going to be a fun-loving and life changing experience for one and all.





Date: Saturday, 20th November, 2021





Time: 10 AM– 6 PM (with lunch/tea breaks)





Venue: Online on Zoom





Facilitator: Vijaya Bijuvij













About the organizers/facilitators

  • Ms. Vijaya Biju is a globally certified and licensed Law of Attraction Teacher & Coach from the Law of Attraction Foundation League led by Gaurav Behl, India. With immense pleasure, this is to declare that her journey of search (inner-being) had led her to become the torch-bearer and to live a virtuous and reverent life. Hence, she is guiding others (seekers) to unfold the well-being of, who wish to lead the life they desire and become part of this vibrant family. Her confirmation to this joyous, beautiful living to have fun and love has begun! She has been the powerful manifestor with her dreams fulfilling in a joyous way that led her to become the Teacher and Coach which she enjoys herself to do and have chosen the path that she likes to be in and her soul’s desire to dwell in this happiness is fully vibrant and vividly seen in her day to day life activities. She loves traveling, writing stories, spending time with nature, meditation, reading books, and meeting new people that is the path that makes her be joyful, and have a luxurious life with an abundance of money and prosperity pouring in infinitely and is superbly talented in this field and makes her sessions lighter, fun and joyful. Vibrant with super joy has the key!!

    When you achieve, I achieve!!

    As a Teacher:  Vijaya as a facilitator will be providing seekers with the tools that can be the stepping stone towards self-exploration and learning to effectively use the Law of attraction principles for everything they want in this life.  She channels you to become aware of the power around & within you! Understanding the rules of the game on the planet earth and using the tools to their advantage to live the life of their dreams! This self-awareness enables to provide the seekers with the ultimate aim to achieve their goals and dreams with more enthusiasm & passion as it's their original path that they tend to incline towards and can be the glorious path to become rich, prosper, have a successful career, naturally fit body and lavish life of their choice.

    As a coach: What I am intending to achieve is, to transform the lives of seekers who wish to be coached towards their goals, aspirations and dreams that they need to achieve using the leading-edge knowledge tools. The transformation using these powerful tools and techniques enables the seekers to incline towards their goals and dreams with ease, fun, and joy that making it even more delightful. The power to intend and to achieve the desired goals is one of the powerful manifestations that humankind has and can be used in this Universe!! There are various phases in life (professional, career, health, success, prosperity) wherein the requirement of the coach, who shows the right path enables the person to understand from other’s stand point. This provides the guidance to evolve as a person and this expansion can become the major breakthrough to achieve what they intend to achieve.



  • Online thru Zoom, Kerala, India


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