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WhatsApp class
Bangalore, Karnataka, India




Reiki, the powerful Japanese technique, is a rage in India. This is one of the happening healing therapies. Be a part of the "healing revolution." Participate in the workshop and give your life a positive twist. 

Reiki is for kids, adults, and even animals. 

Highlights of the workshop:
 *Reiki Level 1* 

1. Introduction to Reiki :

 What is Reiki · 
 · Benefit of Reiki · Principal of Reiki ·

2. History of Reiki 

About Mikau Usui · About Chujiro Hayashi · About Hawayo Takata 

3. Attunement 

  Reiki Meditation

  About chakras and how reiki works 

4. Self Healing of Full Body 

5. Self Healing of the Seven Chakras

6. Healing any particular affected body part 

7. Healing other's Full Body 

8. Healing other's Seven Chakras

9. Goal Achieving 

10. Gratitude 


About the organizers/facilitators

  • Anusha has always been passionate about spirituality. She will teach Reiki, lama fera, karuna reiki and divine will reiki through WhatsApp. Distance attunement will be given. She will teach in-depth and priority-based through interactive sessions with switch words. Meditation guidance will be given 


  • WhatsApp class , Bangalore, Karnataka, India


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