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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India




Lama Fera is a powerful and fastest healing modality, which has been practiced over the centuries in the Buddhist monasteries of the Himalayan region.



What Lama Fera will do to you?





  • This technique will help you fight depression, reduce adverse effects of "tantra and mantra," remove karmic and financial blockages, and improve memory loss. 

  • Lama Fera balances physical, mental, and spiritual levels.






What will happen in Lama Fera workshop





Practical sessions for removing black magic, entities, negative energies, and karmic blockages with powerful tools.





Specialty: Learn Vastu Healing to remove Vastu Dosh and negative energy from house, shop, office, factory, etc. 





Tea and snacks included



About the organizers/facilitators

  • Her journey towards spiritualism

    Dimple Sharma belongs to a Brahmin spiritual family. Her parents followed the guru’s path and from her childhood, spiritualism attracted her because of her soul journey. Despite her studies, she started going deep into spiritualism by reading holy books. After graduation and master degree she got married and was busy in her routine family life and, one fine day, she happened to meet one spiritual soul and it was the turning point in her life. She started learning Reiki, Vastu, Tarot card, etc.

    Her specialties

    She joined Dr. S.K. Saini and learned many other fastest healing techniques, especially Lama-fera, Lama Fera version 3 and 4, Shalvik Mantra Healing, Mudra Vigyan, Hunkara with Haleem, Reiki up to Grand Master Level. Then she took many Dikshas of Satyamarg Aghorpanth by Dr. S.K. Saini (Lama-fera Originator- Guru Satyanandji) and started her journey of sadhna and siddhi marg...enjoying miracles all the way.

    Vedic Culture Academy

    Let’s introduce about her Vedic Culture Academy, which is in the spiritual field from the last 25 years, being organized by Maa Devyani Nanda (Dimple Sharma Laumas). She learned deep secrets of occult science and spiritual world to help mankind in an easy way by serving in various alternative healing techniques and the path of Sadhna and Siddhi. my YouTube Profile:  https://www.youtube.com/c/DimpleSharmaGurumaa/videos


  • Chennai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


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