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Lal Bagh Road
Lal Bagh Main Road, Vinobha Nagar, Sudhama Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India




Do you know about the power of your body?

Do you know how the body works at the quantum levels? 

Our physical body is capable of healing itself, naturally. It is something we have known and, often, take for granted. But what we probably don’t know is that when we learn to communicate with our body, we initiate a process of healing at the deepest level.

This is just the thing that you will learn to do in the quantum body communication workshop - establish a connect with your body such that you can not only communicate with it but also receive communication from it.

It is this delicate yet strong, ever significant connection which can transform your health and show you the power of creating your world through your own intentions.

During this 6-hour workshop, you will:

● Learn to communicate with your body through different techniques
● Experience guided progressive relaxation
● Learn about 'Innate', a spiritual instrument
● Take body communication to the next level to enhance spiritual growth.

Some takeaways from this workshop:

● Initiate transformation of your health
● Ability to create physical and emotional wellbeing through personal intentions
● Initiate healing at a deeper, quantum level
● Experience a flourishing healthy life

So register today for this powerful Quantum Body Communication Workshop. 


About the organizers/facilitators

  • Gayatri Bari was working in the field of life sciences after her post-graduation when she found her true calling in empowering people. Before that, she had observed a pattern of low self-esteem within me. It inspired me to learn Reiki. Immediately after that, people started approaching her for healing. Not only she was healing herself but also others were also applauding her for the work she was doing. After becoming a Reiki Grandmaster, she co-founded White Lighthouse, the center for spiritual wellbeing with Alaknanda Dutta, an integrated energy healer, and a spiritual facilitator. Gayatri also facilitates interactive awareness forums and various meditation workshops at my Center. Her interest lies in making more and more people aware of the innate healing abilities they possess and empowering them to take charge of their lives to create a more fulfilling and peaceful life for themselves.


  • Lal Bagh Road, Lal Bagh Main Road, Vinobha Nagar, Sudhama Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


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