01 Mar, 2019 to 03 Mar, 2019
Starting at 09:30AM


Zorba the Buddha
Ghitorni, New Delhi, Delhi, India


4500 to 18900


The International Spiritual Festival is a 3-day event of holistic wellness, spiritual growth, conscious and healthy living. Sister BK Shivani, one of the most well-known spiritual leaders, will be giving the keynote address. Join us as we breathe and meet one another on this path of discovery and awakening.

Get answers to some of life's biggest questions

  • How do I cope with suffering?
  • Why should I learn to forgive?
  • Why is life so difficult at times?
  • Which direction do I take in life?
  • How can I attract love into my life?
  • How do I stop worrying about the future?
  • What does it really mean to live fully and fearlessly?


The panel of Eminent Personalities


1. Dr. BK Chandra Shekhar - International Mind and Memory Trainer.

In his experiential workshop, Dr. Chandrashekhar will empower you with techniques to increase your mind power and increase its usage percentage, much like that of Einstein. You’ll also learn to develop healing power, cure lifestyle diseases through Psycho Neurobics as well as experience Sigfa healing.


2. Rupinder Kaur - Creator of www.rawrasoi.com, an author of two books: Raw Rasoi Everyday Juices and Raw Rasoi Everyday Milks.  Rupinder will be doing 4 recipes:

  • Raw Vegan Pasta

  • Nutty Energy Balls

  • Almond Walnut Milk

  • Immunity booster green juice


3. Dr. Chandrashekar Guruji – Over five million followers 

Workshop content

Saral Energy is a unique and simple and simple way to harness the power of cosmic energy in the universe, overcome life challenges and lead a happy life.  Saral’ means simple, and since the year 2000, Dr. Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji has shown the unique path of harnessing the abundant cosmic energy in a simple way through Saral Energy.

4. Paul and Neelam Hinsberger - International Shamanic Counselors and Teachers

Workshop content

The opening of Sacred Space, About Shamanism, Why Shamanism is not a modality, “The Call of Spirit”, Seeing through the Eyes of the Heart, A number of Exercises, Shamanic Breathwork from the Huna Tradition, Shamanic Tools: Heightened Awareness, The impact of Social Conditioning and Tribal Thinking in Contemporary Shamanism, The Nature Connection, Trees and Stones, Major Principles in Shamanic Practice, Major Concepts in Shamanic Practice, Empowerment, Misconceptions about Shamanism, Healing from the Perspective of the Soul, Signs, symbols, and synchronicities, 10 Traditional Teachings to live by, The Language of Shamanism, The Sacred Hoop, Drum Circle, Why Shamanism is important in the World today, Finding your Animal Allies, The Web of Life.


5. Babbu Gill - Internationally Certified and Licensed Global Healer

6. Renu Aggarwal – Master Theta Healer


Workshop content

The workshop “The Next Step” is designed to empower you to achieve this using Theta brainwave and introduces you to the technique of ThetaHealing.

7. Partha Gupta - Creator of e-workshop Breath Inside

Workshop content

Partha conducts personal sessions called Bodhi with Entrepreneurs, Senior executives and each and every professional looking for that perfect work-life balance. Bodhi is a lifestyle... to be calm as a monk, aware as an entrepreneur, responsible as a parent, have a great relationship with self and resourcefulness effortless like a child.

8. Suzy Singh  – Author of bestseller 7 Karma Codes, Heal the storm within.

Workshop Title: Heal the Storm Within, Practicing the 7 Karma Codes


  • Discover secrets about how the complex human design works
  • Understand the causes of mental & emotional imbalances & suffering
  • Learn about tools & practices that can undo these imbalances
  • Embrace personal responsibility to purify & elevate your consciousness
  • Great opportunity to undergo sessions in the healing segment of the workshop

9. Nisha Ghai  - Talented palmist, numerologist, and astrologer.

10. Nasreen Khan – Master Practitioner of NLP

Workshop Content

In this workshop, you learn and practice simple, effective and easy-to-use NLP techniques that can help you get rid of memories and habits that may hold you back. You also learn to find ways of being more positive and happier on an everyday basis.

11. Ketan V. Shah – Author of Acupressure for Total Wellness

Workshop Title: How to Work with Angels, Devas, and Deities in the 21st Century

Workshop Content:

  • Three divine realms and the one in which we live

  • Our divine origin: where we have come from

  • Working with angels, our guides, guardians, and friends

  • How to know you are having an angel experience and experiences from other heavenly helpers

  • How to call divine helpers into action for yourself and others

  • The science of the spoken word to maximize your partnership with divine helpers

  • How to work with heavenly helpers while you sleep

  • Chart of the seven main rays of God’s light and the angels, nature spirits, and deities who serve on them

  • How to use the violet flame in your work with heavenly helpers

  • Getting started with the work of our spiritual teachers, and where to go from here

12. Jaspal S Soni and Lois E. Drake – Jaspal S Soni is the President of Chananda Cultural Society, an NGO and Lois E. Drake is a writer.

13. Chitra Jha - Author and self-empowerment coach

And many others...

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Life Positive Foundation is a not for profit trust, which was established by Life Positive. The soul mission of Life Positive Foundation is to offer high value personal & spiritual growth workshops in order to bring transformative changes to seekers lives. With hundreds of seasoned healers and therapists as facilitators, this foundation organizes events and workshops across India


  • Zorba the Buddha, Ghitorni, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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