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Kerala, India


12 weeks 12 sessions Rs. 60000


"I love 'how to's'. All the theory in the world is useless unless we know how to apply it and make a change." - Louise Hay

Are you still confused about 'how to' make the desired shift in your life? Are your life situations and past experiences holding you back from taking the next step in life's path?

Let's hold hands for 3 months to cross this bridge with ease. 'Rewild Yourself' is a 12 weeks coaching program to bring that shift into your life.

This program is for you, if you are ready to :

• Take conscious control of your life by managing your emotions and releasing your limiting beliefs.

• Address the destructive pattern in relationship with self and with others.

• Better health – Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.

• Become the best version of yourself by activating your heart's intelligence.

• Transform your past experiences for an empowering present and future.

• Dive deeper into the hidden dynamics in your family system and release yourself from intergenerational traumas.

The energy exchange for the programe(12 weeks 12 sessions)  is Rs. 60000. 

You are never alone in the path of self-transformation.

Affirm : I cross bridges with joy and with ease.

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About the organizers/facilitators

  • Nayana has always been passionate towards her inner journey. This motivated her to explore different modalities of healing. 

    As a trauma informed healer I work closely with my clients to bring emotional wellness and enhance the quality of their lives. My offerings are delivered as Therapy/healing sessions, coaching programs for individuals and groups.My 12 weeks coaching program 'Rewild Yourself' has helped clients to bring miraculous shifts in different aspects of life from relationships, career and financials, health and helped them live a soulful life. I practice different healing modalities to help my clients achieve these goals. If you are ready to work with me to bring transformation in your life, book a free consultation call with me.


    E-mail : evolvemindstudio@gmail.com

    Mobile number : 8594033479

    Therapies and charges :

    Rewild Yourself - An intensive coaching program to heal the Mind Body Spirit

    12 weeks 12 sessions Rs. 60000


  • Online, Kerala, India


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