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Kadambari Appartments
Sector 9, Rohini, Delhi, India




Serenity Surrender

The Serenity Surrender (SS) workshop is a 3-day workshop that helps you in learning to:

1. Live an empowered life

2. Connect with the cosmic energy

3. Discover your self & your potential 

4. Resolve conflicts in any aspect of your life including but not limited to relationships, career, finances, health

5. Heal negative emotions and beliefs present in the subconscious from our past and current lives

6. Heal repetitive patterns and negative karma


Who can attend?

This workshop can be attended by anyone above the age of 15 years. Attending this workshop does NOT require one to have any kind of spiritual background or training.



About the organizers/facilitators

  • Mridu initiated her journey in Serenity Surrender in 2012 and since then has embraced it as a way of life. It has helped her in finding an enhanced connection with everyone and everything around her just by recognising her connection with self. Now, she is living her life in ever enhancing peace, calm and serenity.

    According to Mridu, Serenity Surrender (SS) is a revolutionary healing technique that equips people to deal with all aspects of our being, through understanding the connection between their internal and external environment. Serenity Surrender healings are based on a simple yet profound understanding that the external is only a reflection of internal and everyone has an inherent power to resolve the challenges and conflicts which people attract in their lives. Serenity Surrender helps them in reconnecting with this hidden power and living an empowered life in each moment. 


  • Kadambari Appartments, Sector 9, Rohini, Delhi, India


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