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About Mrs. Rachana Srivastava

Rachna Srivastava works under the banner of her organisation “Present Moments by Rachana”, which is based in New Delhi. She is a well-known public speaker, soft skills development expert and trainer. She is also a lawyer and has practised in the High Court of Maharashtra, Nagpur Bench for ten years. There is an organisation called 'Present Moments by Rachana' which helps young adults and entry-level executives to resolve challenges they face in professional and personal life and thereby helps in enhancing their performance in work and social. Here is a list of Rachna's significant achievements to date:- 1. Founded an organisation called “Culture Club” which worked to bring performing arts to people for the last four years. 2.She also writes for the Speaking Tree apart from maintaining her blog and recently has been allowed a blog space in Huffington Post. 3. Edits a local newsletter “Samvad”. 4. Chairperson of Team I-Clean which works towards maintaining the clean environment in residential areas. Rachna's is a soft-spoken person who looks forward to reaching out to many souls and helping them improve all the aspects of their life.


  • Spiritual Counselling 1200/Session
  • A Course in Miracles 3000/Session

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  • At centre
  • Long distance
  • At home
  • Via Skype
  • Over phone



A Course in Miracles

, New Delhi, Delhi, India

  • 3600

Do you believe in Miracles? Do you want to believe in Miracles? Do you want to learn about Miracles - how they occur?  This course in miracles shall include: . . .

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