About Mr. Ashok Angira

Mr Ashok Angira has been providing Astrology Services for the last 11 years. He is skilled in using Astro-Counselling with higher accuracy using time-tested Vedic principles and modern tools which help people in making the right decision at the right time. An ardent believer in God, Mr Ashok believes that God is a Verb, not the noun. According to him, there is no fixed fated life as we are all parts of the ongoing process of growth and evolution. He derives his inspiration from the cosmic energy and utilises it to heal people; it has become the goal of his life. Mr Ashok provides seed-mantra-sessions which help in emotional detoxification and to recharge you energy-body, to attract new, healthy and satisfying relationships, to improve financial gains, to add confidence, to improve focus and to manifest your desires. He assures people of his commitment to the honest interpretation of horoscopes, professional competency, ethical understanding and integrity.


  • Astrology 2500/Session
  • Spiritual Counselling 2500/Session

Mode of Session

  • At centre
  • At home
  • Via Skype



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For any issues please contact +919971088870 or +918527622018

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