About Mr. Gaurav Kapoor

In 1998, Gaurav Kapoor took up the profession of Astrology and Vastu. The decision came long after he battled himself to not choose a 'risky' and 'unreliable' profile. In fact, it was his father who became his strongest support. Sh. Ashoka Kapoor, Gaurav's father, was a dedicated Astrologer who impacted many lives. Being in his presence, Gaurav slowly learned all the tools of Astrology. His father took the onus on himself to guide his son in the path of becoming an Astrologer. Gaurav has not looked back since then and has also written a book 'Lallu Puran', which explains the astrological reasons for most of our life's happenings and then supports this with the know-how of dealing with these incidents and how to prevent them.


  • Astrology 1100/Session
  • Vastu Fees disclosed on request

Mode of Session

  • At centre



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