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About Mr. Rajneesh Raheja

Rajnish Raheja's inclination to Pranic healing intensified in 2005 when his wife was suffering from multiple physical and psychological problems. At that time, he was looking for alternative therapies to heal her from the pain and sufferings as medical aid was not helping her much. That was the time when he came across Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui's teaching of Pranic Healing which motivated him to serve humanity. Now, he has devoted himself to the field of holistic healing to help people get rid of the problems in their lives.


  • acupressure therapy 700/Session
  • Emotional Freedom Technique 700/Session
  • Meditation 700/Session
  • Pranic Healing 1500/Session

Mode of Session


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For any issues please contact +919971088870 or +918527290282

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