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What is Violet Flame Meditation

Do you want to get rid of stress? Do you want to get rid of anxiety and depression? Do you want to heal your body naturally? If “yes” is your answer then you need to try violet flame therapy.

Violet color flame represents flame of forgiveness or mercy flame. According to science Violet color has the highest frequency when compared with the other major seven colors. The purple and violet colors play a very important role in healing.

Dr. Bernard Jensen who is an expert in healing and arts says that among all the colors, violet has the best healing property. The vibration rate of the violet color has the ability to activate the pineal gland or the third eye.

How does Violet Flame Therapy Help? 

Violet color helps in removal of negative energy or karma that is causing harm to the physical, emotional and mental state. Violet Flame Therapy brings happiness and peace to life by substituting negative energy with the positive energy.

This therapy enhances our confidence levels and increases our self-esteem by resolving inner conflicts and banishing self-limiting beliefs. By enchanting mantras, the spiritual power of violet flame gets back the flow of light and energy in the mind, body, and spirit.

The violet flame solves not only the physical effects of negative karma but also looks into the basic cause of a particular problem. To make your life peaceful, Violet Flame Meditation is the best practice. 

Violet Flame Meditation has been offered in India for a while. India has well experienced Violet Flame Meditation experts. Life Positive is delighted to have partnered with some of the best Violet Flame Meditation Experts in India. You can speak to your preferred Violet Flame Meditation Expert in India from the list given above