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G-22, Saket
Saket, New Delhi, Delhi, India




Do you have to take medicine every time you fall ill?



Do you find taking medicines difficult?





Do you look for alternative solutions to treating diseases?





Do you worry about the side effects of medicines?





If you have answered "yes" to all the above, then Ayurvedic Acutherapy is the answer for you.










About Ayurvedic Acupressure





According to Ayurvedic Acupressure, the creature is the coexistence of physical and metaphysical and both are inseparable. The combination of 5 physical elements creates body constitutions known as Vaat, Pitt, and Kuff.





Ayurvedic Acutherapy propounds the 10-element theory and takes both physical and metaphysical aspects into consideration for treatment.





But can treatments for diseases be so simple?





Yes, in this therapy, humble seeds, small magnets, and beautiful colors are used for treatment!










The highlight of the workshop on Ayurvedic Acutherapy





Learn treatment with magnets, colors, and seeds.





Get to know treatments for Diabetes, Lumbar pain, Cervical Spondylitis, Migraine, BP, Insomnia and other ailments like knee pain, back pain, fever, cold, cough, indigestion, gastric, constipation, acidity and more.















Pre registration is mandatory.





Training cost includes:





  • 1 acu ring 

  • 1 acu hand roller

  • 1 book of Magnet therapy treatment 











Special offer





Pre-register with the complete training cost and get a book of Seed therapy treatment FREE. 








About the organizers/facilitators

  • Gagan Kaur Thukral is an Acutherapy specialist practicing in New Delhi and uses seeds, colors, and magnets for treatment!


    Her company’s profile:

    She is the Co-Creator and Co-Promoter of CareHeal Humanity institute a centre for Training, Treatment and Research in Acutherapy, the natural healing science of the 21st century. The company’s unique vision is providing a platform of health and wealth to people through the skill development training programs in Acutherapy with 100% job security and also providing cost-effective and safe treatment to the masses with this modality.


    Her initial career:

    She completed her graduation in Home science but her love for teaching young adults motivated her to do a diploma in Montessori teacher training. Subsequently, she worked with Amity International School and Amiown Preschool, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi from April 2007 to October 2016 as a nursery teacher. She counseled many parents during her tenure and also helped them understand their role in bringing up children with love and care.

    A life-changing event:

    A serious health condition of her Husband for which he was hospitalized made her slow down her work pace. Completely against the modern medicine she didn't appreciate so many medicines being administered to her husband. A chance encounter with an Acutherapy Therapist in March 2016 for her husband’s health condition made her look at health care from a different perspective. Her husband got completely cured with this natural healing science and his medicine dosage was cut down by 75%! Thereafter when she saw more people being completely cured with this treatment she then started assisting Acutherapy Specialists for Magnet Acutherapy, the natural healing treatment. In February 2017 she opened her training and treatment centre and also completed her certificate, diploma and advance diploma courses of Acutherapy. 


  • G-22, Saket , Saket, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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